Adyashanti and Michael Rodriguez on Buddha at the Gas Pump

I quite enjoy Adyashanti’s pragmatic take on the awakening process. I’ve written various articles on his books like Falling into Grace or The End of Your World. Last fall, I posted a conversation Rick Archer had between Adya and Susanne Marie on the post-Self shift.

Prior to the Science and Nonduality conference last month, Rick spent time with Michael and Adya, followed by a 3 hour recorded conversation.

They explored a wide range of topics including how you can get stuck post-awakening in emotional avoidance, detachment, or meaninglessness. The latter topic came … Continue Reading…


I’ve written periodically about the term “no-self”. It’s a prominent term in Buddhism but its meaning is used somewhat variably in the larger spiritual community. For example, as in not-me or post ego. Or as a reference to emptiness.

In a PhD research project interviewing people who had had an awakening, they were obliged by the university to frame it as “the experience of no-self” even though awakening is not an experience (though it may be accompanied by experiences) and only a minority framed the shift as “no-self”. Even there, it was partly due to their traditions terminology.

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