Drive into Flow

We have long lived under the ego-self and its claims of doership. Thoughts and emotions arise naturally from various stimuli and ego calls them mine. “I feel sad,” we say. Or “I’ve been thinking.” In fact, these are simply happening and we’re noticing.

Some people like artists culture a deeper sense of being to connect to creativity and intuition. They may speak of the muse or inspiration moving through them.

Similarly, spiritual seekers try to culture a deeper sense of being. As their perception refines, they notice that thoughts and emotions simply arise, mostly without their … Continue Reading…

Mind What

It doesn’t matter how mistaken other people are functioning. We don’t mind others. We mind what WE do; we mind what WE are; we center ourselves in that infinite potential of divine grace; we live that field of life and let our example be followed by all other people.
  — Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Holland, January 12, 2002

By raising ourselves, we raise all beings.

Balance in Life

There’s a curious balance on the spiritual path between being human and being divine, between self-effort and flow.

If we do not act, we see no results, no fruit. But if we act with expectation, life is bound to disappoint. Life flows in the whole, not the me.

After awakening, there is often a period of winding down the old. We unwind remaining attachments related to expectations and grasping for results. Slowly, we learn to allow and let life be as it is in the various parts of our life. We let go of the ego’s need for control. We step … Continue Reading…

The End of Karma

One idea you run into periodically is that karma has an end. That the enlightenment process causes you to stop producing new karma, roasts the seeds of your backlog, and then you wind down the sprouted seeds. After that there is nothing to drive you back into a human incarnation when your time is done. The end of karma is the end of reincarnation.

While we do indeed clean up our past experiential residues, this idea misses a few key things.

For one, karma means action or energy. If we are in relative life, we are in the … Continue Reading…

The Transition

One of the changes people may experience with a major shift in consciousness is in the drivers of life. What used to drive us to action falls away to be replaced by something much deeper.

As the Yoga Sutra describe, when we’re ego identified, we’re often motivated by the avoidance of pain and the attachment to pleasure. We seek what a ‘me’ wants and avoid or repress what it doesn’t. However, this is the essence of suffering and is closely related to the wheel of karma. Round and round we go, chasing what is temporary and constantly experiencing … Continue Reading…

What God Made

Once you take away most of the personal expectations and begin living life “in the flow” of the divine, your life becomes much simpler (typically) and smoother. But life can take some unexpected turns, such as when you’re called to take a direction that you wouldn’t have otherwise or that doesn’t make sense.

(or like when the server migration went sideways this week)

But as you learn to trust that, you find it typically works out wonderfully. In fact, you can get quite used to things just working out well. This is not to say there won’t be some karma … Continue Reading…