As in gifting or support…

Readers have been requesting a simpler way to offer their financial support for the work of this site.

Hosting and maintaining the site has a cost. Preparing content for publication also does. If you enjoy the content and have the desire and means to help offset expenses, I welcome your support.

If you’ve had a consultation or correspondence and wish to express gratitude financially, that is also welcome.

I’m trying the service. It requires you have a free Paypal account but is simpler for the transaction itself. When you click the button, it will ask for an amount of your choice. You can also adjust the currency as desired. It will then ask you to log in to Paypal and choose how to link Let me know how the experience is for you. A fancier setup allows paying without a Paypal account.

Our Natural Potential
is another option – you can purchase copies of the book for gifts, libraries, and so forth.

This is fully optional. The main purpose of this site is to share discoveries and support others on their journey. Your readership and feedback are the greatest support.

Thank you,

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