As an author, I’m focused mostly on research and writing. I give only occasional talks and just a few things have been recorded. I experimented briefly with podcasting but I’ve found simply keeping up with the flow of writing is enough. I even dropped adding images to most posts. (the positioning of those on older posts broke with the migration to a hosted site)

However, there are a few things that have been recorded you may enjoy.

Our Natural Potential talk @ SAND
This is my talk on the stages of development at the Science and Nonduality conference in October 2015.

On YouTube

some background, the slides, and links to related articles the poster
the abstract about the conference

Sophia Panel Discussion

Early at the SAND conference, I spoke on a large panel discussion on various topics around awakening, healing, embodiment and teaching.
Sophia PanelPart 1

On YouTube

Part 2

On YouTube

Some background and a topics summary On BATGAP, Part 1
Some Conference stories On BATGAP, Part 2

Buddha at the Gas Pump (BATGAP) Interview

Unlike most of the blog, this interview is a personal story of the unfolding here. Recorded in person at a lodge on Vancouver Island in September 2015, shortly before a retreat.

On YouTube

Links to some of the topics discussed Some background
Why tell the story? A few post-interview details

Deep Forgiveness Podcast

In 2009, a half dozen of us all published on the same topic, Forgiveness, on the same day. I added a spoken word version (podcast) that later fell away when some hosting ended. I’ve restored that. (The blog was called In2Deep until 2014) 6:24

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