LuciaLorn  –  on awakening, excellent video calls and retreats (not for the mind)
Adyashanti  – Zen-oriented westerner, excellent books on awakening thru Unity
Transcendental Meditation – widely available and very well-researched effortless meditation
Gangaji – Papaji/Ramana teacher – good books and satsang, simplicity
Neelam – Papaji/Ramana teacher – very soft presence, simplicity
Rose Rosetree – excellent books & workshops on energetic literacy and healing
Kundalini Care – kundalini healing services and an excellent book on kundalini

Buddha at the Gas Pump – interviews with the “Ordinary Awakening” by Rick Archer. Have been on 3 times.
Science and Nonduality – Interviews and articles by scientists and spiritual teachers. I’ve spoken at the US conference twice.

Blogs and such
This Simple Grace – artist Scott Morgan’s words
Beyond Karma – “How do we free ourselves from the past…”
For Now  – my other blog, on science and tech

When I began this blog in 2007, there was a group of us who followed and commented on each others sites. Each approach was unique but we learned from and supported each other. Those sites have gone quiet or closed since, but it was a good way to have begun.

ProWritingAid – I run all the posts here through this software as grammar isn’t a strong skill. It doesn’t catch everything bit really helps.
WPSome icons on this site are from the WPZoom Social Media set. Thanks, Pavel!

Disclaimer  - I don't endorse everything that is offered at other sites but have found 
good value there. I discuss specifics on various articles on the blog. 
You can search them on the upper right.

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