If you’re looking for Support for your journey, I can suggest:

If you’re facing psychological challenges or a spiritual crisis, I can suggest Craig Holliday or Mariana Caplan. Both are spiritually oriented therapists.

There was a spiritual emergency network but that’s not currently running.

If you’re having energy or kundalini challenges, Kundalini Care.

If you’re looking for energy healing and clearing out old drivers, I can suggest Rose Rosetree, one of her RES grads, or Kristin Kirk.

If you’re looking for support to awaken, I suggest Lorne and Lucia.

Some of the above offer resources like live group calls, books and web site info. Check the links for details.

If you’d like to chat and discuss experiences with someone who’s not a teacher, healer or therapist but has been on the journey for some time, I offer an option. I’ve been having such chats over tea for some years. Recently, I’ve begun doing this with Skype.

If this would interest you, please use the Contact form and select Consult in Contact Type. We can discuss if this would be suitable and can schedule a compatible time.

If you’d simply like to ask a question or 2, just use the Contact form.

Disclaimer - I don't endorse everything offered by the above but have spoken with all 
of them and have worked with several. They are the best I'm currently aware of.

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