Karma Post-Enlightenment

Karma is a curious bird. It means action, what we’d call energy in physics. Yet most people think about it more in terms of our baggage – the karmic consequences that are active in our lives. This is the unresolved energy we carry around, filtering our experience and frustrating our desires.

It’s role post-awakening is also misunderstood. Many assume someone Self Realized is beyond all that. That enlightenment will someone how free us from anything we dislike, like it was some form of escape.

In a way it is. But it doesn’t mean it goes away. We just change our … Continue Reading…

Cosmic Stages

I’ve written before about the stages of childhood development. Using the Alexander model from psychology, we can describe the dominant stages of:

Body & Senses (learning to sense and walk and talk)
Desires & Emotions (the terrible twos)
Mind (school age)
Intellect/ Intuition (teens)
Ego (adult)

Each progressively more subtle level becomes dominant in that developmental stage.

These also correspond to the Vedic layers known as koshas or sheaths, what are commonly called the auras or energy bodies.

With awakening, we step beyond individual ego and recognize ourselves as Atman or Cosmic … Continue Reading…

Our Natural Potential

For those of you in the Vancouver area, I’ll be giving a talk during the Centre for Spiritual Living‘s Sunday service @ 11am on Sunday, October 26th.

Here’s the blurb:
In this talk, David will give an overview of typical human development, then explore the latest on transpersonal development; what is commonly called spiritual awakening, higher states of consciousness or enlightenment.

In the last decade, these stages have shifted from the mythical and mystical into the world of psychology and biology. Combining science with the understanding from ancient texts, David will outline the stages of this unfolding and what … Continue Reading…

Lorne and Lucia Retreats

I was recently on another Lorne and Lucia retreat. As usual, the presence of the gathered group was very powerful and helped trigger another opening.

It’s evolved a great deal since I first started going on the retreats about 7 years ago. Many of those who woke back in the day are now very established or have moved into higher stages. This creates a very powerful group, even just sitting around the table at meals. The intensity of presence created by just coming together is remarkable.

I’ve been to retreats where 1,500, 2,000, even 8,000 … Continue Reading…

Who Are We?

This came up in discussion on another blog. I thought it useful to raise here.

It’s a curious dynamic. Who we are under the mind, emotions and intellect is bliss. I’ve seen that overtly demonstrated a number of times in satsangs, where a teacher will have the student look under whatever they’re experiencing, then under that, and so forth. They always come to peace or happiness in just a few minutes. And it’s certainly been my experience.

And yet the average person is not just averse to themselves, they’re deeply afraid of experiencing who they “really” are. Their real feelings … Continue Reading…

How Big is the Mind of God?

It’s an interesting question to consider. Can we even comprehend the size of the mind of God? Certainly, we can say infinite, but infinity is usually associated with something like space. What of that which is beyond space and the awareness of it?

Perhaps it would be useful to consider the scale of it a bit.

We live on a planet that’s about 6,370 km around. That means that if you fly a small plane going at 60 km per hour, it would take you about four and a half days to make it all the way around, flying non-stop. … Continue Reading…

The Experience – Follow-up

The Experience article brought several questions up so I thought a little clarification was in order. I’ve touched on these subjects over time but a little specific context may help.

The first part is the nature of a Brahman perspective, from beyond Atman and consciousness. Because Atman is the container of creation, beyond it is nothing and nothing happening. But this is not the nothing of an absence. That’s a duality. Rather it is the nothing of pure, total potential.

When “I walk around” cosmic being moves attention through it’s musings, continuously purifying … Continue Reading…


There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer;
No disease that enough love will not heal;
No door that enough love will not open;
No gulf that enough love will not bridge;
No wall that enough love will not throw down;
No sin that enough love will not redeem…
It makes no difference how deeply seated may be the trouble;
How hopeless the outlook;
How muddled the tangle;
How great the mistake;
A sufficient realization of love will dissolve it all…
If only you could … Continue Reading…

The Experience

As readers of this blog know, I rarely talk about my own experience because it has little meaning without context. However, I write from experience unless I indicate otherwise. Today the experience came up in another forum, so I thought it only fair to share that here too.

What is the bare experience? Nothing. Beyond consciousness, what can be experienced?

By this I don’t mean it’s all an illusion as that is something that appears to be happening. Nothing has ever happened nor ever did or will. This is only cosmic “memory”, going back over its musings. It neither exists … Continue Reading…

Awakening is not the End

In a forum, someone posted a teacher’s description of confusing experience with being and the actual shift from a me-sense to Self, otherwise known as Self Realization. However, the quote was full of absolute references of being complete, death of I and mind, and so forth. My response below is edited a little for context.

Sorry, but there are several flaws in this. Yes, the experience is not it. There has to be the shift in Being. But what follows is not fixed.

Some of the confusion comes out of the words. For example, I and mind. The sense of … Continue Reading…

Another Q&A 2

This is a continuation of  the conversation on the first Q&A. In this thread, the questioner was mixing dualism with advaita. This is a common error, resulting from confusing the experience or the description of the experience of Self Realization with Vedanta. Vedanta is oneness or Unity, part of a later stage where all is recognized to be That, consciousness, pure Being.

Consciousness both globally and at every point is the structure of Atman or consciousness. By your description (awakening), the point has become aware of itself globally. When it becomes that more deeply, it becomes aware … Continue Reading…

Another Q & A

Sometimes, good points come up in responding to questions in various forums. Occasionally, I share them here with readers of this blog. Rather than trying to rewrite them into a typical format, I save them as is, edited a little for context. This gives you the flavour of it too.

From comparing notes with many dozens, there seems one common process but many distinctions in how it is experienced here. Just the distinction between how consciousness is unfolding relative to how Shakti is unfolding makes a massive difference. The dryness mentioned below is one expression.

And yes, the cultural, teaching, … Continue Reading…