The Pain Body

I recently saw a piece of the ’08 conversation between Eckhart Tolle and Oprah, talking about the pain body. He also associated this with the ego. I wrote several articles on the series back at the time. They’re replaying the New Earth series so they’re now available on the site again.

While what Eckhart says is true, it’s a simplification to make it easy to subjectively relate to. But I thought it would be useful to explore this in the terms I use and … Continue Reading…

The Four Levels of Speech

The Four Levels of Speech are a fundamental detail that underlies the Vedic perspective and is the nature of how the world comes to be. Recently, Igor Kufayev gave a talk in Sonoma County, CA on the subject. In 5 parts.

The 4 levels of speech, part 1

The talk on Youtube

Here are some paraphrased notes on points he raised.

Part 1
* All form is sound condensed as matter.
in Vedic and Tantric traditions
relevant to communication, the origins of language, and how the universe is  expressed.

4 distinct … Continue Reading…

Relationships Reforged

I’ve spoken recently about the shift in Security and Goals that occur with awakening.

Another thing that can have a major shift is relationships, especially intimate ones. While we may have spent a lifetime learning how to relate and communicate well with others, those principles can fly out the door when who we are changes.

One of the rude discoveries with awakening can be the jarring recognition of how primitive our world-view and behaviour had been prior. With the witness, the whole thing is much more concious. Did I really believe that? … Continue Reading…

Security of Person

One of the deep changes that arises with awakening is a profound sense of security. While we’ve typically experienced the rest of our life as somewhat fraught and difficult, when we discover our true nature under the stories of the mind and drama of emotions, we find something that is boundless, unchanging, and eternal. And that is who we are.

In the Bhagavad Gita or Song of God, Krishna explains:
He is never born, nor does he ever die;
nor once having been, does he cease to be.
Unborn, eternal, everlasting, ancient,
he … Continue Reading…

Knowing God

In the past, I’ve spoken here about How to Know God or Experiencing God. But I thought it might be useful to review how this experience may unfold.

Different people will experience the process uniquely, emphasizing certain steps and skipping others. Or will have minor variations in the sequence. But this may offer a general idea of it. Note that by “divine” I mean divinity or God, not angels or spirits. They will show up but this is the progression in recognizing the divine itself, the source.

(be … Continue Reading…

Myths of Enlightenment

While there are many reasons to seek enlightenment, there are also a boatload of myths about it. Some are even perpetuated by teachers.

I will become enlightened
Nope. It is not the me that gets enlightened. It is the Self that wakes up to itself through this apparent form. The me is let go of.

Enlightenment is the end of my personal identity
Nope. There is still a person there with preferences and quirks. But it is no longer the centre. Now it’s just an aspect of this expression. Continue Reading…

Goals Going Gone

One of the interesting effects I’ve observed with the awakening process is the falling away of goals. Not typically all goals, but the vast majority gradually fade away as no longer relevant.

This is a very good thing, due to several factors.

For one, when there is a profound sense of peace and freedom, followed by abiding happiness, we loose the need to seek fulfilment outside of ourselves.

Also, when the impressions (vasanas) that drive us to desires and seeking fall away, many of the needs-driven goals for possessions or accomplishment drop away. Also … Continue Reading…

Male and Female Paths

Funny how ideas sneak up on you. How the grander picture often emerges in increments.

For example, I’ve long known of higher states of consciousness. More recently, I’ve shown a more complete model, like this:

1 – Cosmic Consciousness (CC) or Self Realization
1a – Refined CC or God Consciousness
2 – Unity Consciousness (UC), Oneness or non-duality
2a – Refined Unity and God Realization
3 – Brahman or Beyond Consciousness
3a – Refined Brahman
3b – Parabrahman or Wholeness

I’ve also spoken about the Continue Reading…

The Energy Bodies

I first began talking about the energy bodies here in 2009. When I came back to the topic in more detail about a year ago, a definition error crept in I should have caught.

Firstly, “energy bodies” refers to what are commonly called Auras. In Sanskrit, the more accurate term is koshas or sheaths. They interpenetrate one another and each more subtle one is a little less distinct and larger. The Buddhist term is for them is Skandhas.

Here is the list:
Annamaya     physical, etheric
Pranamaya … Continue Reading…

Stages of Development and EEG

The journal Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences did a special edition on meditation research. In one article, Dr. Travis summaries various studies on experiences of pure consciousness.

Initially this is experienced during meditation practice but soon begins to influence our sense of self. Eventually, it leads to a shift in self-identity when witnessing arises. The study refers to this as Cosmic Consciousness, although there can be stages of the development of the witness.

In a specific study (pdf), EEG patterns were compared to … Continue Reading…

Forfeiting Creative Being

They pass over themselves and all that is created, God and the Godhead, and they say that God is nothing and that they are nothing as well. Nothing is neither blissful nor damned, neither working nor idle, neither God nor creature, neither good nor evil. See, in this way they have forfeited their created being and have become nothing, just as, in their imagination, God is nothing. Heaven and earth and all that God has made have being and existence. These unbelievers say ‘We are nothing and our God is nothing.
– Flemish mystic Jan van Ruusbroec (John of) … Continue Reading…

Seer, Sage, or Shanti

There’s a pernicious idea people often have that the awake are supposed to teach. That enlightenment somehow gives you a teaching mission. I’ve seen a number of such people start teaching, then fade away. Or start too soon.

Teaching requires a certain set of skills, like an ability to speak to the student on their level. It will probably have shown up in some way already. Most people have other skills instead. Further, you want the awakening to mature and integrate well first. Too soon and you speak from too small a place – even if it does seem boundless. … Continue Reading…