Spiritual Corruption

The personal ego is a self-serving mechanism by its very nature, designed to protect our perceived individuality. Curiously, it will even place protecting itself above protecting the organism when convinced to do so. Soldiers on the front lines, for example.

This makes waking up rather challenging as the ego can be quite convoluted in its attempts to justify, protect, and mask itself. It lays claim to everything it knows, creating self-justifying stories of great complexity. For example, it will use memories of spiritual experiences to call a part of itself ‘spiritual being’. Then it plays that off the ‘personal me’ and … Continue Reading…

On Truth

The “Truth about Reality” is way beyond the mind so cannot be found though reading or hearing. All we gain through the senses is information from which we build concepts about the world. This is neither truth nor reality. At best, we have a working hypothesis.

Philosophy and spiritual teachings can offer pointers and maps, like a route to deeper truth. But they are not truth in themselves.

Reality can only be known directly, by being.

We can describe experiences of reality, but it’s always through the lens of this physiology. How much of it we embody. But what we … Continue Reading…


Ignorance is a lack of clarity. It is not something, it is its absence. Just as darkness is the absence of light, so too is ignorance the absence of clarity. And just as a shadow obscures seeing, so too does ignorance obscure understanding. The light we want is the literal light of consciousness.

As I wrote prior, Yoga defines ignorance as seeing self and reality incorrectly. They are shadowed leading to incorrect conclusions about who I am and what the world is.

The light of awareness brings clarity.

The Caveat

This blog has over 1,500 posts. It is packed with concepts. If you come here looking for concepts, you’ll certainly find them.

But if you’re seeking spiritual awakening, it’s good to recognize that our concepts will never meet it. The subject is literally beyond the mind. Words can only point and approximate. Words are symbols for concepts only.

There is an old Vedic saying – updated for today we could say “knowledge in blogs remains in blogs.”

The reality is never what the mind may expect. I can guarantee that however much you may think you know what enlightenment is, … Continue Reading…


One of the curious things about the human mind is it’s seeking to be right. But seeing the world in black and whites of right and wrong automatically pits one against others, even against oneself. We often place our need to be right above everything, even human life.

The news is a litany of who’s wrong. Much of our conversations are dominated by stories and gossip about others in a continual discriminatory judgement of who’s messed up. All in a lame attempt to make ourselves feel right and thus feel in control. Here’s a site that lists several … Continue Reading…

The Value of Context

This came up in another forum and I thought it worth sharing here. Edited slightly for context.

While they raise excellent points (referring to another source), the 2 or 3 worlds framework used is incomplete and not used in the correct context. That leads to some erroneous conclusions. It also causes mistakes in attribution, in understanding what a sage was talking about.

For example, there is often a stage where the world takes on a sense of being illusory. That can be quite distinct for some. This is the result of a dominance of rajas (fire) in the transition from … Continue Reading…

The Memory of Awakening

I was recently reminded of a useful point. Awakening is not a discovery of something new. It is the rediscovery of what you already are. Many people awakening recognize they have always been awake – they had simply not remembered it until then.

This recognition or realization requires memory in consciousness. We remember what we are. This remembering brings with it a knowing that removes all doubt.

I’ve noticed that it’s similarly common for people to forget what it was like to not be awake in due course, much as teen forgets what it was like to be a toddler.

Continue Reading…

The Truth

Back on Your Power of Command, I mentioned the importance of telling the truth. “…not telling the truth diffuses our power of command.

Similarly, from DON Miguel Ruiz, in the very first Agreement of The Four Agreements:
1. Be Impeccable with Your Word
Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.

He explores how you find your truth here.

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Security of Person

One of the deep changes that arises with awakening is a profound sense of security. While we’ve typically experienced the rest of our life as somewhat fraught and difficult, when we discover our true nature under the stories of the mind and drama of emotions, we find something that is boundless, unchanging, and eternal. And that is who we are.

In the Bhagavad Gita or Song of God, Krishna explains:
He is never born, nor does he ever die;
nor once having been, does he cease to be.
Unborn, eternal, everlasting, ancient,
he … Continue Reading…


In another non-spiritual forum, the idea of karma came up and some pretty poor ideas were expressed about it. I wrote an article to explain it. I’ve edited it here for context and supplemented it a bit to fill out some points.

Karma is a Sanskrit word typically translated to mean action or energy. The philosophy holds that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. And actually, that’s the way physics defines it. This is a natural law. It is very much about consequence and responsibility and … Continue Reading…

3 Levels of Non-Dual Reality

One of the things I harp on here and in a few other forums is stages of enlightenment. Like all other human development including puberty, it is a process marked with distinct stages. There are quite a few voices who discount such stages, either because their teacher discouraged concepts of stages (like Gangaji) as a barrier to living them. Or because they’ve not yet experienced such themselves. I fully agree that concepts of stages are not reality so should be held lightly. But not understanding the unfolding can cause other issues.

With spiritual … Continue Reading…


There is an aspect of enlightenment that may get missed in a focus on milestones. As I touched on in What is Consciousness?, the stages of development are stages like puberty. They are markers of transition, not the fully lived state.

Some people, after an initial awakening, begin teaching. This may be due to the desire to share the experience, some false concept that equates awakening to teacher, or simply to support others. One has to be careful not to be premature about it. Or to fall into the trap of “my” being the … Continue Reading…