A Christian Perspective on Awakening

In June 2013, Francis Bennett did a 2 hour talk and Q&A at Morning Star Studios in Fairfield, Iowa. He was long a Trappist monk who explored world faiths and paths and awoke during a mass. He covers a lot of subjects I’ve brought up here recently. An enjoyable watch, even to hear the first 20 min. But they cover many subjects later.


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Spirituality and Religion

Many people are already aware of the difference between spirituality and religion. They realize that having a belief system — a set of thoughts that you regard as the absolute truth — does not make you spiritual no matter what the nature of those beliefs. In fact, the more you make your thoughts (beliefs) into your identity, the more cut off you are from the spiritual dimension within yourself.”
— Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth

Religion is for those who don’t want to go to hell, and spirituality is for those who have already been there.
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Intention in Meditation

The foundation of Yoga, indeed the foundation of spiritual practice is mantra meditation. Why? Because it’s the most reliable way for regular contact with source, with our own pure being.

As regular readers know, I recommend an effortless meditation, not a concentration or contemplation approach. While these other options may be useful for other reasons, for the core practice you want to dive right in.

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In a recent article on Energy Modalities, I spoke of a classification of healing techniques based on how they access our energy system – through the body, the mind, or the energy itself. I added a note about stages of energetic literacy – the degree of detail required to be able to work on fine energetic levels directly.

I wanted to clarify this understanding from the foundational structure of the form of our personal existence – the foundations of our mind, emotions and body. Our energetic DNA we might say. Consider this a first draft while the understanding … Continue Reading…

Global News

While the media is full of current events, they are often oblivious to the larger trends underway.

One item they miss is that thousands of people are awakening spiritually. This is astonishing news. The more that awaken, the easier it gets for others to switch. That is leading to exponential growth patterns. However, because this is an internal process spread around the world, tracking actual numbers is difficult. But the evidence is clear – people waking more and more easily plus the occasional person is moving clearly into advanced stages in record time.

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Spiritual Addiction

We’ve all met addicts of some kind. The drug addict whose need for a fix overshadows even basic human needs. The alcoholic who drowns his life away. The coffee drinker who can’t function without a morning cup. The smoker, the binger, the sweet-tooth, and on and on. In fact, we’ve probably all had addictions of one kind or another. Most addictions begin as a form of escape or avoidance of pain then take on a life of their own.

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Purifying Presence

In another forum, I made a comment people wanted to explore more. I thought readers here would also be interested. I’ve edited the reply for this blog.

“That kind of presence tends to cause others to purify.”

What I mean by this is that someone with a strong presence (of source, divine) and/or a lot of purity (sattva) can cause those around them to start purifying or releasing crud. This is much like we might purify energetically by sitting to meditate, only this person is radiating presence in activity. It’s called darshan in Sanskrit.

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Energy and Spirit

One of the more interesting developments in recent years is energy awareness. While energy awareness and healing has been practiced in various forms around the world for centuries, modalities are being drawn together and whole new international toolkits are developing.

Mixed in with this are a lot of people who don’t yet have deep energetic perception and are essentially experimenting on clients. “Energy” is becoming the new “quantum” and sometimes, in equally meaningless ways. In a recent article, Rose Rosetree mentions a client who had been to another  healer to remove a cord of … Continue Reading…

Julian of Norwich

Imagine having profound spiritual experiences at a time when religion was used to control people. Where speaking differently than the church line was heresy, perhaps punishable by death. Most people lived as serfs, beholden to the less than 1% who claimed divine right to rule. This was the Dark Ages, the trough of the yugas, and the time of the Black Death.

In this time came Julian. Her birth name is forgotten. It was a time when spiritual transition could be rough and accompanied by illness. In her case, she was expected to die at 30 after … Continue Reading…

One Man

One man devotes his life to the world as real and solid, worthy of his confidence.

Another man devotes his life to the world as illusion, a mirage or waking dream.

Yet another man devotes his life to God, and the world as an outpouring of  love.

Yet another man devotes himself to the world as himself, intimate with all that is.

The last man knows there is no world or illusion. He devotes himself to reality.

Who are these men? They are the same man at different points on the journey home.

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Front Row Seat

Imagine you’re watching a play at the theatre. It is a vast spectacle and you have a front row seat. In fact, that play is a custom play, written and performed just for you. While the audience feels very large, there is only one watching. The play is called “My Life.” In spiritual parlance, this experience is called witnessing.

This play is unfolding simultaneously with billions and billions of other such plays and they’re completely interconnected. No play could go on without all of them. The actors on your stage are, at the same time, also at play in others … Continue Reading…