Our Protectors (Part 2)

Another topic Nancy Shipley Rubin has been talking about in recent workshops is what she calls the Guardians. I prefer the term Protectors as Guardians are usually associated with Guardian angels. The Protectors are not angels but rather astral forces that protect our energetic presence or essence.

In the first article, The Energetics of Attraction, I talked about magnetizing the results we want in life through our third chakra. The Protectors are also associated with the third chakra. As you may imagine, … Continue Reading…

The Energetics of Attraction (Part 1)

Over the years, I’ve written a variety of articles on intention, the law of attraction, sufficiency, and related subjects. This has included the series on success, gaining cooperation from the environment, magnetizing money, and a detailed step-by-step review of getting results.

In all of this, it’s about becoming more conscious of how we use our energy and attention, clearing the obstacles, and living the life that is here.

A week ago, I took another workshop with Continue Reading…

Awakening from Awakening

In a conversation About Adyashanti’s book Resurrecting Jesus, Adya and Francis Bennett touch on (at about 18 min) the integration of awakening where it becomes more inclusive of the world, being both fully human and fully divine. Francis used the term “awakening from awakening“. To paraphrase, it’s common that after awakening, we can get a little stuck in the transcendent and deny our humanness and emotion. See the world and body-mind as illusion. Then we come full circle to bring them together in union. The return. Spirit giving itself back into existence.

They used the term enlightened … Continue Reading…

On Angels and Other Subtle Beings – Part 2 of 2

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Light Beings
Light beings function in hierarchies and live specific roles for much longer lives. There are workers, supervisors, managers, and royalty (the divine at the highest levels). They don’t experience this as restrictive because they have the ability to fulfil all desires. They are not confused about dharma and see the value of their role clearly.

Higher light beings don’t have a fixed form so can appear as they wish to appear. Because of the power of attention on that level, our expectations may also influence … Continue Reading…

On Angels and Other Subtle Beings – Part 1 of 2

A recent discussion in a spiritual forum made it clear there is a lot of noise about subtle beings out there, even among people who are teaching this stuff. If we don’t know how to differentiate the kind of beings we’re experiencing, we can get ourselves in a bit of trouble or delusion.

One issue is people confusing belief in concepts with direct experience. Lots of people teach fanciful ideas. Ideas are wonderful but direct experience is how we actually know. We can collect cards and books and beliefs but will they serve us when experience comes? Do they actually … Continue Reading…

Auric Modelling

Also in the discussion thread of Skills vs Consciousness is the term Auric Modelling. I didn’t understand why Rose Rosetree was using “modelling” as the term for how the aura is perceived or felt. But as she described, what we present energetically via the aura is what others read sub-consciously. What do we present to others? Is our façade congruent with our energy? Are we really fooling anyone?

Well – we can.

The trick is, some people can use energy to mask energy. As many do offer inconsistent signals, we naturally favour the strongest … Continue Reading…

Where is the Soul?

Over the years, I’ve heard many descriptions of where in the body the soul resides. By soul, I mean the spark of our being.

Some talk about it as kundalini, coiled in the root chakra and rising with the awakening process. Some as the light in the heart, although that is more the celestial than personal. (I’ve described it there myself) Some refer to the crown chakra. And some the “high heart” at the top of the chest. Recently someone said it’s in the upper belly chakra.

To … Continue Reading…

Karma and the Gunas

In the Gunas in Awakening, I talked about how inertia is transformed into clarity with fire, tamas into sattva via rajas.

In this article, I’m going to talk more about karma. Karma means action, movement, or energy. When we act in tune with our environment or nature, we are always moving to balance and the energy completes and resolves. We are in dharma, we are keeping the gunas in balance.

However, when we act out of tune or get into resistance to what is unfolding – a common habit for many people … Continue Reading…

The Importance of Proper Technique

In the spiritual market these days is a plethora of things people call “meditation”. We may think of them as largely equivalent but in fact there are huge differences. Practised long term, they’ll bring us a very different range of results.

Chatting with a friend recently, an off-hand comment revealed that their complaints about their life were partly a consequence of their practice and began when they took it up. In light of this, I wanted to clarify some points about the subject.

First thing is that a meditation practice has 2 parts:
a- the vehicle of attention
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The Lords Prayer

If you’ve grown up in the west, you’ve probably been exposed to The Lords Prayer – perhaps quite regularly and for many years.

The best known version is this, with only spelling updates from the King James Bible of 1611:

Our father which art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation,
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Q&A, Part 3

It’s rare such back and forth continues. But there was more. This continues from Q&A 2
I have some other writing to come but life has other demands at the moment.

When acting, if there is a sense of things coming “through you” rather than from you, this is the difference between being in the flow/ acting from source vs acting from ego. A good example would be writing something you didn’t know. Creatives talking about the muse is the same. Once awake, it is progressively more like this as we wind … Continue Reading…

Q&A, Part 2

Afer a short pause the back and forth mentioned in the prior article continued, with some side debate on issues with my approach. Again, edited slightly for context.

As I discussed prior, it depends on what you mean by “ego”, If you mean a personal concept of self, a “me”: that ends with Self Realization. (although aspects may fall away over time). But the individuating principle [Ahamkara] remains. There is still an apparent person here acting in the world. Only now, the ego is not laying claim and saying these are “my” actions and “my” … Continue Reading…