The Great Shadows

While I’ve explored karma in several other posts, I thought it would be useful to take it another step into application.

As the saying goes, we come into this life with a suitcase of karma to work through. There will be lots of little bits plus a few big ones. We might call the biggies life lessons or life challenges.

They’ll show up in certain areas of our life and not in others. For example, we may have reasonable health and good work but relationship challenges and issues with money. These things seem to be ongoing or show up … Continue Reading…

The Challenges of Teaching

There is a common idea that awakened people automatically become teachers. But teaching is a skill, one that allows us to speak to the student at their level. Many don’t have this skill. They speak from their understanding and others hear from theirs. Mixed results ensue.

A traditional spiritual teacher also adopts their dedicated students, guiding their way home. This is a large, long-term responsibility not to be taken lightly.

Often what triggers the start of teaching is an inner call to share the revelations of a major experience or stage change. It feels so profound and important we want … Continue Reading…

Self Sabotage

It’s very curious how we develop conflicting inner dynamics that get in the way of our own happiness.

For example, we desire career success but sabotage our work by being sloppy or making mistakes because we don’t believe in ourselves. Or we make career choices based on expectations rather than through discovering what we’re good at.

Similar dynamics can show up around money and relationships and spirituality. Many single adults desire a partner but are afraid of being hurt again. Or we sabotage the relationships we have by holding on to perceived hurts. You see couples who start off well … Continue Reading…

On Trust

A reader sent me this excellent talk by Brené Brown on The Anatomy of Trust:

On YouTube

A few notes:
Trust is built in small moments – do you avert and betray or connect and build trust.
What is trust? Choosing to make something important to you vulnerable to the actions of someone else.
Distrust – what I have shared with you that is important to me is not safe with you.
Acronym “BRAVING” – when we trust we are braving connection with someone.
Continue Reading…

Spiritual Corruption

The personal ego is a self-serving mechanism by its very nature, designed to protect our perceived individuality. Curiously, it will even place protecting itself above protecting the organism when convinced to do so. Soldiers on the front lines, for example.

This makes waking up rather challenging as the ego can be quite convoluted in its attempts to justify, protect, and mask itself. It lays claim to everything it knows, creating self-justifying stories of great complexity. For example, it will use memories of spiritual experiences to call a part of itself ‘spiritual being’. Then it plays that off the ‘personal me’ and … Continue Reading…

Together, We Are

Over on Managing the Chakras, a point came up in Comments that I thought worth emphasizing.

I’ve written several similar articles about how the devata manage the flow of energy that support our “personal” physiology. How they work together, in relationship.

This same process is gradually moving forward into the world. As more people embody their unique blend of laws of nature and perspective of the whole, they’ll begin to move into complementary groupings that amplify their blend.

In The Second Stage, I talked about new laws of nature being awoken, then joining with existing ones in revived … Continue Reading…

Our History

There’s an old saying in this part of the world – “You can take the girl out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the girl.” As is true of many such sayings, there are many variations like boy, city, and so on.

The basic truth is, our history informs our view of the world and the choices we make. This goes right into the cosmic memory that sustains the world allowing it, and us, to unfold.

Clearly, our history runs deep. We have our personal history from this life, our soul’s history through many lives, … Continue Reading…

Consciousness Unfolds

In a recent talk, Lorne Hoff mentioned the Purusha and Prakriti aspects of the dynamics of consciousness. Observer, process of observation, and observed show in both the masculine and feminine, in spirit and in nature.

In Sanskrit, the 3 aspects are known as Rishi, Devata and Chhandas. We can organize this in chart form.

aspect Purusha Prakriti rishi Shiva >< Parvati devata Vishnu >< Lakshmi chhandas Brahma >< Saraswati

It’s best to view this as fundamental principles or laws of nature rather than “Hindu gods”. Due to personalization, how we experience these principles will vary widely. … Continue Reading…

Adyashanti and Francis Bennett

Several people have mentioned this video and I finally had a chance to watch it all. In it, Adyashanti and Francis Bennett speak on a wide range of subjects around awakening, non-duality, the value of experiences, how things have changed in recent years, and emotional maturity.

I’ve written a number of articles on Adya’s books and spent some time with Francis this fall during the SAND conference. He was also on the Sophia panel. Both are very practical spiritual exponents.

@ 53 minutes above, they begin a Q&A that extends into the second part below. … Continue Reading…

Spiritual Friends

Kalyaana Mittataa is a Buddhist term for “spiritual friendship”. It can include student-teacher dyads and peer groups, what one might call one’s spiritual community.

This would be a community focused on spiritual development rather than simple social gatherings. But it would also depend on how we come to it. We can come to even a dysfunctional family gathering and use it as a self-reflective experience. Or we can come to a spiritual gathering and gossip about someone out of earshot.

From the Buddhist perspective, the key is in developing the noble virtues. Are we exposing ourselves to “good … Continue Reading…

The Blood Line

On this site, I emphasize those two aspects of unfolding enlightenment called sattva and atman, clarity and consciousness. It was a prominent theme in my SAND talk. However, from the Ayurvedic source of this, there is Shadbhava – 6 houses.

Half are the 3 aspects we bring into this life from our prior development: Sattva, Atman and Rasa. Rasa means flavour or essence and relates to the style of body we’ll get.

The other half is the blood line. Father, Mother, and nutrition during pregnancy. This means our blood line is also a big player in our growth. … Continue Reading…


Another area where we need discrimination is in the stories we encourage and pass on. If we spend time with gossips, it’s easy to fall into the trap ourselves. I remember taking a step back and re-evaluating some of the joke emails I used to send along. There can be a fine line between humour and attack, between making light of something and putting it down.

Some areas of the internet have become quite nasty, people feeling they can and should say whatever they want. But it’s a mistake to think there are no consequences.

You see that same … Continue Reading…