Why is there a Dark Side?

It’s good to consider – why does a world expressed by the Divine have evil? The answer is all about balance.

In the Vedic perspective, there are 3 forces in creation: creation, maintenance, and destruction. Those 3 forces evolve into 3 qualities (gunas) which evolve into the 5 elements, 5 senses and so forth.

The 3 qualities or gunas are:
Sattva: creative, purity, clarity, smooth
Rajas: fire, action, energy, transformation
Tamas: inertia, rigidity, resistance

Without inertia, we would have no form. In fact, nothing would last. As Dharma is that which sustains, tamas is … Continue Reading…

The Value of Experiences

There is a perspective which suggests all of creation is here for That, consciousness, to know itself in more detail. How can you know something if there’s nothing? Creation is expressed to bring out the detail. And each of us are unique perspectives of the whole, each unfolding the details of that point of experience.

In that sense we’re here to have experiences. We could say this is our purpose.

The key however is how we are with those experiences.

When the mind is identified with its content and the objects of experience (before awakening), then our happiness is … Continue Reading…

Cosmic Variation

I’ve spoken a little lately about the Cosmic Body. How all physical bodies are actually one body, expressing itself in a myriad of ways.

One example I can use here is this form. I mentioned here in The Experience Followup about the above and how it was expressing through this particular form as a vacuum. I can also observe the very visual style through which I’m shown the structure of creation and the way the divine expresses itself. That’s partly related to specific gifts here rather than a universal way enlightenment unfolds. Thus some articles like … Continue Reading…

Ahimsa – Non-Violence

Ahimsa is one of the 5 Yamas or observances, the first limb of Yoga. It means non-injury or non-violence.

Other Yamas include non-theft and truthfulness, so they’re sometimes confused with ethics. For example, I was recently asked how I could call myself spiritual if I was not a raw vegan. The arguments they raised were all about the ethical treatment of animals. And while that may be a good reason to become vegan, that’s an ethical choice rather than a spiritual one. They didn’t accept this and apparently felt I was just making excuses.

Ethics are rules of conduct or … Continue Reading…

The Role of Kundalini

The ongoing exploration and discussion of ways of modelling the diverse experiences of awakening had a new round recently, based on the article Kundalini: Up, Down, or ? by Peter Holleran. It’s a fascinating overview of various descriptions of awakening and kundalini, noting the variations in interpretation. The long and rather heady article lacks an interpretive model so comes off a little disjointed, as the author notes. But it’s well referenced.

I’m adapting my comments on the article as you may find them useful. Plus they touch on some of what I’ve been exploring recently that … Continue Reading…

Nothing Seen yet it Remains

Although the seen has disappeared for one whose purpose is accomplished, still it is not destroyed because it is common to others.”  Yoga Sutra 2v22

In Unity, the seer and seen merge, leaving only the process of experience, the seeing.

In Brahman, nothing is happening or ever did. But it still seems to continue appearing to happen because it is common to others.

There is also the momentum of karma, as I discussed on The Shadow Drives. As long as there is a body, there is something driving action and world appearances. It … Continue Reading…

Chasing Experiences

One of the hazards of the spiritual journey is chasing experiences: looking for flash or the return of something good experienced before. Thus you see people using techniques to push kundalini, taking hallucinogenic drugs, or talking about experiences they want or want back.

This is an easy mistake to make and even advanced students make it. We are here to have experiences. It is our nature or purpose as beings. Creation exists for That to experience itself and we are vehicles of that process.

But chasing individual experiences in the future or past – even the good ones – is … Continue Reading…

Auric Modelling

Also in the discussion thread of Skills vs Consciousness is the term Auric Modelling. I didn’t understand why Rose Rosetree was using “modelling” as the term for how the aura is perceived or felt. But as she described, what we present energetically via the aura is what others read sub-consciously. What do we present to others? Is our façade congruent with our energy? Are we really fooling anyone?

Well – we can.

The trick is, some people can use energy to mask energy. As many do offer inconsistent signals, we naturally favour the strongest … Continue Reading…

Skills vs Consciousness

In a discussion over on Rose Rosetree’s blog, the distinction between level of skill and level of consciousness came up.

This is an important distinction. It’s one thing for spiritual awakening to unfold. It’s another for us to make skilled use of that. Partly this is in integration and allowing presence to express through us rather than being driven by old habits and resistance. Many are still learning how to be in the world in this new context.

But partly this is about purity and clarity. The Sattva side … Continue Reading…

The Energy Bodies (Koshas)

I first began talking about the energy bodies here in 2009. When I came back to the topic in more detail about a year ago, a definition error crept in I should have caught.

Firstly, “energy bodies” refers to what are commonly called Auras. In Sanskrit, the more accurate term is koshas or sheaths. They interpenetrate one another and each more subtle one is a little less distinct and larger. The Buddhist term for them is Skandhas.

Here is the list:
Annamaya     physical, etheric
Pranamaya    … Continue Reading…

Seer, Sage, or Shanti

There’s a pernicious idea people often have that the awake are supposed to teach. That enlightenment somehow gives you a teaching mission. I’ve seen a number of such people start teaching, then fade away. Or start too soon.

Teaching requires a certain set of skills, like an ability to speak to the student on their level. It will probably have shown up in some way already. Most people have other skills instead. Further, you want the awakening to mature and integrate well first. Too soon and you speak from too small a place – even if it does seem boundless. … Continue Reading…

Where is the Soul?

Over the years, I’ve heard many descriptions of where in the body the soul resides. By soul, I mean the spark of our being.

Some talk about it as kundalini, coiled in the root chakra and rising with the awakening process. Some as the light in the heart, although that is more the celestial than personal. (I’ve described it there myself) Some refer to the crown chakra. And some the “high heart” at the top of the chest. Recently someone said it’s in the upper belly chakra.

To … Continue Reading…