Healing the Past without Being the Past

When looking at healing modalities there’s an important distinction to be made between practices that help you become conscious of unresolved emotions and those that take you into them.

Becoming conscious of them helps you see them and if you’re OK, allow and resolve them. They can wash over you in a brief wave and be done. It may trigger sensations of physical release too. This ends the burden or at least whacks off a big chunk. I’ve talked before how I facilitated that by culturing gratitude but there are many ways Continue Reading…

Divine Beings

A subject that comes up periodically is the distinction between types of subtle beings. I reviewed them recently here. Many people first experience the beings closer to their physical presence. Perhaps the dead, or nature elementals, or a guide or other related being. Broadly, these are all astral beings. You should apply the same principles to them as to anyone you meet in the physical world. Most will place self-interest at the top of their priorities.

Divine beings like angels, archangels, gods, avatars and so forth are very distinct from astral … Continue Reading…

The Layers of Healing

In the west, obesity has become rather epidemic so I thought it would be useful to explore this as an example of the layers of healing we might face. Eating is fundamental to our survival. But it is also a point of pleasure, an association with mother, a way to suppress or avoid feelings, a false way of protecting ourselves energetically, plus our relationship with food can leave deep impressions we carry forward into other lifetimes.

First off, food has strong associations, perhaps with our social or family life, our culture, traditions, and even our role in the world. Are … Continue Reading…

Healing Everything – Part 3 of 3

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- More Specific Issues

Much of the above helps us improve the general tone of our lives but some knots or blocks are more pernicious. After our practice, we step back into the world and the old habits re-engage, reinforcing the momentum of the past. These are the sprouted seeds of karma.

Rose recently listed 15 ways we may store issues in our mental and emotional energy that will affect our health, clarity, and quality of life. The list has been growing.

The types of … Continue Reading…

Empath Empowerment

As we’re in the energy age, it should be no surprise that there is a major rise in the presence of energy healing. You’ll now find energy medicine, energy psychology, and energy spirituality. Even a bit of it in formal medical settings. Energy is the flow that gives rise to the forms of our experience. Thus, being able to heal energetically can correct causal issues that effect both quality of life and spiritual progress.

What that arena has tended to be missing is energetic literacy. That is, Continue Reading…

The Rose List

I first became aware of Rose Rosetree through her interview on Buddha at the Gas Pump (Batgap). She’s all about subtle perception and healing and developing skills for same. Her tag-line is “Reading People Deeper and Healing with Energy Spirituality

As I’m exploring models of awakening, I was fascinated by the idea that her “energetic literacy” allows a person to read if someone is enlightened or not. I know a small number of people who can see this and can help people past their last barriers. As this is a potent way … Continue Reading…

The Dominant Sense

One of the factors that influences how we experience our unfolding growth is our dominant sense. The distinctiveness of this will depend also on the degree of that dominance. We’re all something of a mix.

And this doesn’t guarantee how you’ll experience awakening. But there will be that tendency to process it that way. And the kind of teachers and approach you’ll favour.

I can recall someone describing one of the NLP models on this subject. If we’re visual, we look up when thinking. If it’s audio to the side, if touch we look down. You’ll also note word choice … Continue Reading…

Bruce Lipton and Tom Campbell

This summer, MBT Events toured physicist Tom Campbell around the west coast to speak with other cutting edge thinkers and recorded the conversations. In this chat, Dr. Campbell met with epigenetic biologist Bruce Lipton. It was the first time they’d met.

Tom talks a little about set theory and observes that many of the problems of modern science are due to thinking inside a subset. If we recognize consciousness as the superset, then we can derive all subjective experience as well as all physics as subsets of consciousness. As well as addressing many issues, it also makes things like paranormal … Continue Reading…

Nancy Shipley Rubin

Nancy Shipley Rubin is a psychic intuitive and counselor. Twice a year, she and her husband Errol come out of paradise in Hawaii to do a tour of the west coast, offering workshops and personal sessions. She also has an annual retreat.

She’s been coming here for over 25 years and some good friends have been going to their workshops for much of that time. I’ve been to several. Her primary focus is on teaching us to work more consciously with our energy system. How to open, clear and protect ourselves. She indicates most spiritual aspirants … Continue Reading…

108 Reasons to Seek Enlightenment

For fun, I thought I’d see if I could find 108 good reasons to want to be enlightened. It turned out to be easy. These are essentially side effects of purification and development so are best not pursued directly. But if we follow the Vedic advice to go Highest First, we will gain all the benefits along the way.

1 – Peace – you are peace itself and radiate it to others
2 – Bliss – you live profound happiness for no reason, even in sleep
3 – Totally – liberation is total, of the present, past, and … Continue Reading…

We’re Entangled

I’ve finally had a chance to begin reading Dr. Dean Radin’s book Entangled Minds. He’s a long-term scientific researcher of psi (psychic ability) now with the Institute of Noetic Sciences. His history includes Bell Labs, SRI, Princeton and a classified program with the US government. You may remember him from the What the Bleep film. The book is an interesting exploration of the research, history and controversy of the field along with a proposal that psi can begin to be explained with quantum mechanics. He also has a good sense of humor.

Because psychic … Continue Reading…

Passing Contact

A week ago, a long distance friend of mine named Dan died. While still a young man, he had a profound spiritual connection and was one of only a few I know who was as “In2Deep” discussion as I. I’ve posted a few things he wrote in Conversations with Dan.

For most people, after death they spend a few days winding down, then move onto a new “assignment”, either as a guide or worker of some sort or in a new incarnation. Their connections with the old disengage and fade. After awakening, this pathway shifts. In … Continue Reading…