Healing Trauma

In the west, we often spend our time in our heads or devoted to distractions like television or games. Some people and cultures are more OK with emotions but may get caught in the drama more instead. It’s not easy being human.

All of us have experienced illness, death, violence, and abuse in one form or another. How we respond to such experiences makes a big difference in the consequences for us. But our response is natural and often automatic. It’s not something we control – however hard we might try.

This is especially true when we’re young and the … Continue Reading…

Together, We Are

Over on Managing the Chakras, a point came up in Comments that I thought worth emphasizing.

I’ve written several similar articles about how the devata manage the flow of energy that support our “personal” physiology. How they work together, in relationship.

This same process is gradually moving forward into the world. As more people embody their unique blend of laws of nature and perspective of the whole, they’ll begin to move into complementary groupings that amplify their blend.

In The Second Stage, I talked about new laws of nature being awoken, then joining with existing ones in revived … Continue Reading…

Smooth Flow

There is a way of seeing the world as nothing but the flow of consciousness – of attention and intention. When there is little resistance internally, we are a clear vessel of flow and sattva is high.

When there is resistance, then the flow meets obstacles creating eddies and rapids. Because of the activity, this draws our attention. We notice the rapids rather than the flow.

Think of the analogy of a clear stream. Where it flows smoothly, you can see right through it. But where there is obstacles, the water is churned. What you see is the churning, not … Continue Reading…

Knowing God

Experiencing Divinity is a profoundly moving and life-changing experience. But there are quite a few layers to it. Our degree of development determines our capacity to experience the Divine.

(and of course there are other variations in how this may unfold)

It does Not require spiritual awakening to have an experience of the divine. People have been having such, in all kinds of ways, throughout the ages. However, these are normally brief perceptual experiences. They are often indirect tastes of some aspect and then they fade.

For example:
The shift of makara can be described as … Continue Reading…

The Omni’s

As we progress through the stages of development in consciousness, we come to know some key qualities of divinity.

With Self Realization (Cosmic Consciousness), we come to know Omnipresence. This is experienced as liberation and feeling ourselves infinite, boundless, and eternal.

If refined perception is developing, we may also come to notice infinities within infinities. I’ve talked about that in ways like Nested Space.

With Unity, we come to know Omniscience, the vastness of available knowledge. We experience this as the “inner guru”. Whatever we put our attention on, we recognize we are it and know it. Later … Continue Reading…

Degrees of Presence

Seems I’m on a scales thing these days…

While everything we experience originates in the dynamics of consciousness, how much of that is embodied in form varies widely.

For example, simple objects like rocks are largely inert. But some rocks like gemstones can express a surprising amount of presence. Note that this is distinct from the laws of nature or qualities of a stone. A stone can have very distinct, strong qualities. But some rare stones take that to another level. The presence amplifies the qualities and makes it seem almost alive.

Also, objects can carry energy from their environments, such … Continue Reading…

Melting the Body

I spoke recently about liberating the person. This is a stage well after we have liberated the soul and woken up to our universal nature. As we grow into our universal nature, there is an unfolding embodiment, a descent of the divine into form. How effective that is depends on how able we are to support it. What that means varies some by person.

We gradually come to see the body as cosmic. As that becomes progressively embodied and the physiology gradually adapts to sustaining that presence, we find a refinement even of the surface physical form.

The … Continue Reading…

Liberating the Person

While awakening is about liberation, it is liberation FROM the person. It is loosing our identification with being an individual ‘me’ that things happen to.

Both before the shift and for awhile afterwards, there can be a fair bit of unpacking of old baggage: old resistance and incomplete experiences.

There is also a forward progression into higher stages in consciousness.

Part of that forward movement is what can be described as a descent of source into our local experience. Adyashanti described a process of head, heart, gut. This continues to the root.

The effect of this process is … Continue Reading…

Astral vs Divine

Most people are oblivious to anything but the physical because of the unresolved charges in their emotional and mental arenas. This baggage creates both static noise and aversion. This is what Eckhart Tolle called the pain body. Yet the astral and divine are very much a part of ourselves and ever with us. If we leave them in a mess, we find messes.

While I usually use the “7 worlds model” aka the koshas, it can be easier to classify and understand some things with the simpler 3 worlds model: Physical, astral, and divine. We can also call … Continue Reading…

What Is – Distinctions between Unity & Brahman

Fundamental to all is qualities we might call Alertness and Liveliness.

From a Unity perspective, that liveliness stirs alertness and it begins to flow as Consciousness. Consciousness becomes aware of itself and aware of its own existence. From those dynamics, all of creation arises.

I describe this process in more detail here.

From a Brahman perspective, there is no “dynamics of consciousness”. No existence. Alertness and liveliness remain distinct. Not as a duality but simply as 2 subtle “qualities”.

From the alertness we can say Brahman is conscious but not consciousness (flowing). It is simply alert … Continue Reading…

Enlightenment isn’t Personal

When we first hear about enlightenment, we may be inspired. But we’re likely to see it as something we can achieve or get. Perhaps we think “I can get enlightened, then all of my problems will be gone” or “everything will be perfect”, or similar.

However, enlightenment originates in our universal nature, in the Self that underlies all experiences and form. It is the cosmic Self or Atman that wakes up to itself in Self Realization (Cosmic Consciousness). It is not the person or me that wakes up. In fact, it is the me we wake up From.

Thus, enlightenment … Continue Reading…

Cosmic Stress?

The Cosmic body is the body of all bodies, the one body, and functions within creation from outside our universe. It moves into our universe (which is a part of itself) through differentiation into all of the apparent distinct forms we describe as beings.

Unlike objects like stars and couches, beings express with chakras to bring the form to life. This form and energy structure are drawn into being and gather around a point of awareness in consciousness. (aware of itself globally and at every point within itself)

The first differentiation is the style of form – in … Continue Reading…