On Trust

A reader sent me this excellent talk by Brené Brown on The Anatomy of Trust:

On YouTube

A few notes:
Trust is built in small moments – do you avert and betray or connect and build trust.
What is trust? Choosing to make something important to you vulnerable to the actions of someone else.
Distrust – what I have shared with you that is important to me is not safe with you.
Acronym “BRAVING” – when we trust we are braving connection with someone.
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The Long Time Sun

May the long time sun shine upon you
all love surround you
and the pure light within you
guide your way home

In writing another article, I thought of this verse and it seemed appropriate. However, when I looked up its source, I found another curious mis-attribution.

The verse is often referred to as an Irish blessing or a Sikh or Kundalini closing prayer.

It’s actually from the closing section of the long A Very Cellular Song by The Incredible String Band. The song is a mixture of parts that include an ode to an … Continue Reading…

On the Falling Away of Self – Adyashanti and Susanne Marie

Adyashanti and Susanne Marie in conversation with Rick Archer. I’ve been looking forward to this conversation for some months.

Join Susanne Marie and Adyashanti in an exploration with Rick Archer about an often misunderstood subject. Beyond the traditional landing places that mind creates (commonly discussed in non-dual circles), lies an indescribable landscape of living as pure, direct experiencing. Prior to this opening, the habitual subjective filter creates a veil of separation of which one is not even aware. This is true even within expanded, unified states of consciousness. Once … Continue Reading…

The Connected Universe

For some years, I’ve been watching the work of self-taught physicist Nassim Haramein. He’s given many seminars on his ideas and released video of them, including the 6-hour Crossing the Event Horizon. Many people have studied how to explain his ideas and more recently they’ve launched an on-line “academy” to take it further. He’s also shown up in various works like the film Thrive.

Some of his ideas have been wildly speculative, like the grave of Jesus or the meaning of a comet. But the unfolding physics has been quite … Continue Reading…

A Case Study

I’ve talked before about winding down the shadow, teaching prematurely, and having peer support. Issues with these are important to recognize in others and groups so we don’t get caught up in their junk (as much) or amplify our own. I’ve also touched on cultish teachers and some of the symptoms of problems.

I gave an example recently in Ken Wilber. He cofounded What is Enlightenment? magazine and the Integral Institute with Andrew Cohen. Cohen has become a useful case study in what can go wrong.

It’s not the purpose … Continue Reading…

The Three Ups

Tami Simon of SoundsTrue has done a Waking Up interview series to celebrate their 30th Anniversary. A friend sent me her interview with Ken Wilber as we’d been discussing Turiya and Turiyatita. Wilber used those terms in their conversation.

Turiya means “the fourth” and refers to a state of consciousness along with waking, dreaming and sleep. Like the other three states, it is temporary and is measurable in the physiology. The Fourth is known by names like samadhi, transcendental consciousness or pure awareness. It is what meditation and related practices culture. It also arises in expansive moments of awe or … Continue Reading…

Forms of Speech

I often notice myself referring to writing here as “talking” or “speaking”, because this is how it is experienced – I am writing what is being said within. The best material is from documenting the flow.

I’ve written before about the 4 levels of speech. These are:
– Para – the beyond
– Pashyanti – the first impulse, flow
– Madhyama – thoughts, the mind ‘speaking’
– Vaikhari – spoken

We might call writing a 5th level of speech although it’s probably more true to call it a 6th level, after recordings of Vaikhari.

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The Abundance Code

There’s a new movie out for New Age audiences that builds on prior films like The Secret called The Abundance Code. It has the common theme of talking heads surrounding an illustrative back story.

As usual, there is the “it’s all about me” approach and the “change your thoughts, change your world” message. But mixed in was a surprising amount of deeper insight. There was talk of letting go and allowing life/ nature to guide you, about allowing oneself to not know, about abundance not for the sake of gathering wealth but for having more experiences, and several even touched … Continue Reading…

Happiness is the Truth

“Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth”
— Pharrell Williams, in the song Happy.

Coming home from errands today, this song was on the radio. In a curious way, there is truth to the lyrics – not that thinking about happiness makes it truth, but that happiness, in its pure sense, arises in the anandamaya kosha or bliss body. This is also known as the causal body or by the abbreviation Ritam, referring to a Sanskrit phrase that means “that consciousness that accepts only truth.”

Beneath the emotions, mind and intellect, being established there brings … Continue Reading…

The Dalai Lama’s Atlas of Emotions

Recently, a friend sent me news of a unique collaboration. The Dalai Lama had asked an American scientist to help him form an Atlas of Emotions.

Dr. Paul Ekman surveyed scientists in related fields the world over to find some consensus on the nature of emotions and the moods and states they produce. The Dalai Lama said the concept of mood is missing from the Tibetan worldview so he was delighted by it.

The research led to 5 categories of emotions:  anger, fear, disgust, sadness and enjoyment.

You may recognize the 5 characters in the Disney … Continue Reading…

How Many?

Recently, Rose Rosetree recorded an example of a Thrill Your Soul Aura Research consultation.  Near the end, she mentions an October 2015 client asking her how many in the world had moved into enlightenment. Rose mentions she didn’t want to research that topic in consciousness but followed through and reported the result on this call. How may in the world are enlightened?

Of course, the answer to this would be relative to her understanding of the term. I don’t define it quite the same way. Where Rose talks in terms of energetic clarity, balance, … Continue Reading…