A Common Barrier to Unity

In the book Conversations with Maharishi, Vol. 1, Vernon Katz has transcribed some of the side conversations he had with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi while they were translating the Brahma Sutra in the late 1960’s. (p 283-4) Another good point Maharishi raised:

“If a man remains established in the sense of ‘jagan mithya’ (the world is unreal), then he will never see the jagat [world] in terms of himself, and will never get into Unity. And then again, he has to forget even the distinction between Jagat (world) and Brahman [Atman]: that the two are different – that one is … Continue Reading…

The Refinement of Unity

In Self Realization (Cosmic Consciousness), the unbounded consciousness or Self within wakes up to itself through this apparent body-mind. The subject or observer value of consciousness awakens to itself here. The point wakes up to its wholeness.

With the Unity shift, the Self within recognizes itself in the world. The subject wakes up to itself in the objects of experience. I am that, and that, and that.

This develops in stages as we live life and experience everything as mySelf. Gradually, it deepens through the layers of experience, including memory and aspects of creation beyond experience. In other … Continue Reading…

The Stages of Unity

In an online discussion, the subject of the stages of Unity came up. I thought I’d share the summary here, edited for context.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi compared the 10 mandalas (books) of the Rig Veda with both the aspects of Prakriti (nature) and the stages of Unity. The Rig Veda is the oldest known text in the world, arguably written down over 3,000 years ago after a much longer oral tradition.

The aspects are: mandala 1 = Prakriti as a whole, then 2 = earth, then water, fire, air, space, mind, intellect, and ego. The 10th was … Continue Reading…


One of the more curious things in the awakening process is the dawning of solidity. For a time during the process, we can seem to be stepping into increasing levels of abstraction. The once apparently solid world becomes seen as a dream, then as flowing light, then as consciousness itself. The sense of self shifts from what may seem grounded and in control into a void or space. An emptiness or a fullness. But a no-thing in any case.

As we go deeper into the clarity of it and the inner and outer come together, there is a new aspect … Continue Reading…

Interconnected vs Oneness

In my post on The Proof, I commented that interconnectedness was not the same as Oneness. I thought it worth expanding on that point.

Interconnectedness is about the conscious interactive relationship between all things. It arises from the underlying commonality. Oneness on the other hand is that underlying commonality itself made conscious, that everything is one. Not conceptually or emotionally, but literally. Not in relationship, as that requires 2. It is a direct experience.

This is a little easier to grasp if we consider the layers of our experience.

On a Physical level, we experience everything as unique … Continue Reading…

After Unity

After Unity

Back in The Journey 3, I spoke of what happens after the 2nd realization, the dawn of Unity Consciousness.

I’d like to explore that further. First, I would like to note that this is not a process of doing. This is a process of allowing, of opening to what is, now.

Let’s review first awakening or self-realization. In that process, we switch from individual experiencing Self to Self experiencing the individual. There is a quality of witness or observer. The body-mind continues to function as before but we notice we are no longer the driver.

After … Continue Reading…