The Solar Plexus

I was thinking about the irony of some old names. A common name for the upper gut is the Solar Plexus, for example. That term can also refer to an autonomic nerve plexus behind the stomach, scientifically known as the Celiac Plexus.

Plexus come from the Latin for braid. Celiac is from the Greek for belly. They concluded that Solar comes from the radiating pattern of nerve fibers at this plexus.

Personally, I find the last explanation suspect as the plexus has little resemblance to the sun. It looks more like a highway interchange. But it does have a relationship … Continue Reading…

How Many Hearts??

I’ve begun to lose track of how may hearts there are to open. (laughs) A few years ago, I wrote about the 4 hearts, then added one to it:

1 – the physical heart in the left chest
2 – Anahata, the heart chakra we meet on the rise of kundalini Shakti
3 – Hrit, the heart sub-chakra above the physical heart.
4 – the “high heart” or “soul thrill” sub-chakra behind the clavicle, between heart and throat.
5 – Hridaya, a higher octave of the heart chakra that opens during the … Continue Reading…

Empath Empowerment

As we’re in the energy age, it should be no surprise that there is a major rise in the presence of energy healing. You’ll now find energy medicine, energy psychology, and energy spirituality. Even a bit of it in formal medical settings. Energy is the flow that gives rise to the forms of our experience. Thus, being able to heal energetically can correct causal issues that effect both quality of life and spiritual progress.

What that arena has tended to be missing is energetic literacy. That is, Continue Reading…

Aura Reading

Over the years on this blog I’ve talked about refined perception, the koshas or auras, and other aspects of our energetic nature. Recently I’ve been talking some about Rose Rosetree and chakra databanks. This is a new and more applied exploration.

I’ve been reading several of her books. In this article I’ll be talking about 2 of them: Aura Reading Through ALL Your Senses and Read People Deeper.

Rose recommended I read Read People first but I’d already found Aura Reading Continue Reading…

The Dominant Sense

One of the factors that influences how we experience our unfolding growth is our dominant sense. The distinctiveness of this will depend also on the degree of that dominance. We’re all something of a mix.

And this doesn’t guarantee how you’ll experience awakening. But there will be that tendency to process it that way. And the kind of teachers and approach you’ll favour.

I can recall someone describing one of the NLP models on this subject. If we’re visual, we look up when thinking. If it’s audio to the side, if touch we look down. You’ll also note word choice … Continue Reading…

Natural Solutions – part 1 of 2

In another forum, a friend of mine recently spoke about how ~150 robins had settled into his yard for some days, crapping on everything. He loved the birds but there were too many in that small space. He contacted the “Robin King” with a request and shortly afterward, all the robins departed.

The discussion brought up the following points:
– they don’t always cooperate but often will
– the Findhorn approach suggests you also offer a better alternative (over there, later, etc.)
– be “humble, natural, and take a direct approach.” Don’t fight them or complain
Continue Reading…

The Flower of the Heart

There are a number of ways we might experience the heart. The feeling of love or the more profound flow of divine love. As an open space. As a flame. As containing a being the size of the thumb. As a vortex of energy. And as a lotus flower called Anahata with 12 petals. The symbol or yantra for the chakra is the Star of David seen on the Israeli flag; 2 overlapping equilateral triangles. This symbol is also said to represent the combined male and female, Shiva and Shakti.

But the lotus flower is not … Continue Reading…

What is Compassion Without Passion?

There is a tendency in many spiritual circles to focus on the positive. See the light and give no attention to the dark side. After all, what you give your attention to grows. Beware the Dark Side, Luke!

The only problem with this approach is that it ignores the subconscious holding. What we’re giving an astonishing amount of energy to. We’re resisting our “dark side”, our lower energies, our inner animal, unintentionally feeding it with fear.

By not healing and allowing the expression of our presence in the world, you see the jokes about the spiritual being weak, … Continue Reading…

The Roots of Relationship, Part 1 of 2

Starting a new relationship can be a wonderful time. But beginnings can also be a little bumpy. Understanding the dynamics can help to avoid the pitfalls and establish a deeper connection.

There are 2 aspects of relating we’ll explore – the karma or energy and the dharma or purpose. This dynamic is true of any relationship but as intimate relationships express this the most vividly, we’ll focus on that.

Karma is action, kinetic energy, the flow of life. It functions in the surface values of life, through our thoughts, emotions and actions. We know the physical law that states that … Continue Reading…

Awake Dating

While I would certainly not call myself a dating expert, I thought it would be useful to consider how it changes with dating consciously and awakening.

A lot of what we call “chemistry” is emotional reactivity. What some might call similar emotional vibes and matched neediness. While that might sound coarse, when there is an ego at play, it wants to be right. Thus it seeks someone who will play the story. The Play enters a scene where we can enhance our dramas and turn up the emotions. Relationship is a vehicle for illusion.

But what happens when the ego … Continue Reading…

Divine Relationship

In a number of spiritual and religious traditions, there is the role of Bhakti or devotion. The path of the heart. Usually, it is presented as a devotion to God or a representative of God such as Jesus. In the east, it may also take the form of the guru.

But there is another form of devotion that is more natural for some people. They feel a greater sense of intimacy and connection with their mate as the beloved.

This is not the emotional love of romance and infatuation. That is temporary and wanes. It also … Continue Reading…

Seeing with the Heart

There’s an interesting phenomena that takes place in the evolution of perception. One that may not make sense in our typical understanding of how the senses work. But if we understand that senses and their forms arise in consciousness, it makes more sense that a change in consciousness may change the process of perception.

When our consciousness flows out through the mind, the senses experience the world of form in a conceptual framework. The world is physical and we relate to it by seeking to explain it. Once the mind has a reason, it is satisfied and we live life … Continue Reading…