Rose Rosetree Links

Over the years, I’ve written a series of articles on Rose Rosetree‘s books and approach to energetic literacy, energy healing, empath skills, and more. I’ve also written articles highlighting Rose’s approach to a topic. As I’ve done with other teachers, here are the main links for easy reference.

On Energetic Literacy: (energy reading)
Aura Reading – discussion and book review

Energy Modalities – energy medicine, energy psychology and energy spirituality

Stages of Energetic Literacy (1-5)

15 Stages of Energetic Literacy – with graphic flow chart

Auric Modeling – and the issues … Continue Reading…

Being a Teacher

There’s a goofy idea some people have that awakening makes you a spiritual teacher. There can certainly be an impulse to share but teaching requires skill and a calling, not just wanting to tell the world.

Someone who gives talks (or whatever they call them) or writes isn’t a “spiritual teacher” in this context. A spiritual teacher in the strict sense of it is one who takes a responsibility to guide a student on their path.

They will work with you from spiritual levels – from the Self or our cosmic nature. This will be much less about your individuality … Continue Reading…

A Perfect Teacher

A discussion came up about a controversial teacher recently. I’ve written about teachers before. It’s worth making a few more comments on the subject.

One thing you may run into is the Indian habit of embellishment. Two teachers will talk very highly of each other, using words of praise you have to be a little careful about taking at face value. Just because famous teacher A calls teacher B an avatar does not make them Krishna. It’s not that they’re exaggerating so much as talking from a place of oneness – they see … Continue Reading…

The Value of a Life – Guru Dev

Periodically in history there comes someone who radiates presence so profoundly, they move a generation who go on to change the world. While the changers are celebrated, we can lose sight of the source of that inspiration.

One such rare luminary was Swami Brahmananda Saraswati. He had a presence that could be felt from miles away. His silence alone communicated the truth and drew people within. He left home at age 9 to seek a guru and lived much of his life alone in the forest and mountains. In 1941, he was finally convinced to step … Continue Reading…

Falling Into Grace links – Adyashanti

Links to my articles on subjects in Adyashanti’s recent book Falling Into Grace.

As I note, I found the opening chapters more introductory. But as the book progressed, there were more and more sections relevant to this blog.

The Fear of Success (on arguing with life)(Ch.5)

Opening the Hearts Door (on Intimacy)(Ch.7)

The Endless Path (there’s more than Awakening)(Ch.9)

The Moment of Grace (not a process)(Ch.8 p.170+)

Autonomy (what I call Embodiment)(Ch.9)

Continue Reading…

The End of Your World Overview – Adyashanti

I ended up writing a number of posts around points raised in Adyashanti’s new book, The End of Your World. If you’re interested, here are links to the related articles.

The End of Your World
An overview

Accepting Our Humanity
The importance of acceptance of our humanness post-awakening.

Related material in The Stage Remains

Abide with Me
A discussion on abiding and non-abiding awakening

Abide some More
The difference between experiences and awakening

[Addendum, related – Awakening is not Experienced ]

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The Group

Sangha, some call it. Community. The group following a common path. On the second day of the retreat, Thich Nhat Hanh speaks of the importance of this on establishing the path. Indeed, people are far more likely to make deep spiritual progress in a group than alone. I have seen dozens of people awaken in the context of a group, only a few solo. But even those had been in group. Many had been “ripe” for some time.

The ego sees itself as separate so encourages independence. But this vision looses sight of our commonality and the deep … Continue Reading…

Group Think or Group Be

Recent discussions here illuminate something to consider, the role of the group.

During the process of awakening, we lose the sense of ego, the pain body, then the whole sense of identity. The whole idea of person ceases to be. Prior to full awakening, we still have a sense of identity so still think of ourselves as individuals. In doing so we lose sight of the group, of our role in our “area cluster”.

Rupert Sheldrake is a British scientist exploring human potential, including systematic study of psychic abilities. He has proposed the concept of “Morphic fields”, basically … Continue Reading…

Egos and Cults

A few days ago, I posted an article about recently published research in the American Journal of Hypertension that demonstrated meditation as a useful tool in lowering blood pressure. Frankly, I’m surprised there is still any question on the subject. To a meditator, this is like asking if food will help you feel full. This was established 30 years ago but doesn’t fit the model nor comfort zone of what the medical establishment knows how to work with. But I digress. The article mentions transcendental meditation as the technique studied. TM is quite commonly studied as its practitioners … Continue Reading…

Finding a teacher – 1 of 3

In my recent post on “the teacher“, Kirk asked about the teachers out there as there are so many. Its true. What comes to mind is a videotape of a story I heard Maharishi Mahesh Yogi tell about his teacher “Guru Dev“. The Swami left home at the age of 9 to find a spiritual teacher and spent about 4 years looking, in a land brimming with gurus. Of course, his standards were extremely high, even at that young age. Fully enlightened, well versed in the scriptures, and a lifetime celibate. The Swami had a lofty vision. Most … Continue Reading…

The teacher

From a discussion about a group of spiritual teachers:

We may see enlightenment as a goal or end point, but its not. It is a process, like all other human development. There are certain key “steps” but each takes a period of integration, of settling in. Indeed, waking up puts us back in spiritual kindergarten. It is only the beginning.

Because of the lack of clarity around the subject in our culture, there are several places we can get sidetracked. Powerful spiritual experiences can strengthen the ego or give one an idea that they are enlightened because of experiences. But … Continue Reading…