Getting to Purpose

Over on Lori Ann Lothian’s blog Awakened Dreamer, she posted an article on Purpose, Discover the Thing You Were Born For in 5 Easy Steps. I enjoyed the article and ended up writing a long comment I decided to share here. I’ve added some links to articles I’ve written on the subject, with more at the bottom.

It is a fascinating explore… I’ve found that we are never not living to purpose. It’s actually not possible to be otherwise. It’s built in to our existence. However, if we’re not conscious of it, we can tend to resist and … Continue Reading…


You may think of “co-creation” as another one of those New Age nonsense ideas, another entitlement trap. And indeed, concepts like that can certainly be degraded into such use.

But the basic idea is sound. We have a hand in creating our experience of the world. How we respond to circumstances, what we put our attention on, and what we give our emotional energy to all contribute to our experience of life. We can have a surprisingly big impact. And this is irrespective of who we consider “we” to be. Even the detached observer is directing attention.

Post-Self … Continue Reading…

Self Value

Recently, I wrote of Core Values and their usefulness in being conscious of our drivers. What’s important to us and how that can help us make decisions.

Today, this lead to an interesting discussion on Self value. This has 2 layers to it.

a) the value we place on spirit or Self and thus what we’re willing to do to deepen the connection. This leads to regularity of practice and so forth.

b) The value we place on our personal self. By this I don’t mean egoic value but rather the level of respect and care we … Continue Reading…

Why Do I Choose This?

Back on the What do you Want?, I shared Adyashanti’s quote

“In the end, you will always do the thing you wanted to do most.”

In The Good Story, I touch on how the world is a story, but we discover it’s a story we’re choosing. Are we choosing meaning or meaninglessness?

I’d like to explore these ideas a little further. We always choose what we want. What we see as the best choice. In the consciousness of the moment, it always seems the best choice or highest need.

Sometimes that’s not completely clear. But … Continue Reading…

Secrets of Success, Part 1 of 5

One of the curious things about life is that success and happiness are it’s nature. The very function of it’s movement through our lives. Yet while many of us live a life, we find happiness and success fleeting at best. Or we find them in some parts of our life but not others. We keep hearing about the secrets of success, yet it still eludes us.

Napoleon Hill spent 20 years researching the subject for Andrew Carnegie, resulting in the 1937 book Think and Grow Rich. It’s still in print, now being read by a third generation. It’s based on … Continue Reading…

The Living Story

Had an interesting insight this evening I thought worth sharing.

In the past, I’ve talked about the Story, the shadow story of illusion that ego uses to explain the world. But it also keeps us trapped in illusion.

I’ve also spoken about the way Maya evolves. Maya is a Sanskrit term often thought to mean illusion but it actually comes in 3 forms. When inertia is dominant, Maya is the concealer of reality. When the energy is active and intense, it is the illusion. But when the energy flows clearly, the dream becomes the field of … Continue Reading…

Energizing Cooperation

Over on Basic Skills, I touched on the process of intention. Getting clear on what you want to accomplish and proceed to results.

As I have discussed elsewhere here, what gives an intention energy is emotions. The feeling value. The deeper we can connect with feelings, the more energy it will have. Love is the purest, most powerful. Overflowing with love automatically engages everything. The universe is expressing through you so everything is supported.

This is why being OK with what is is so important. If we are not OK with what is, we cannot go to the … Continue Reading…

Basic Skills

It is remarkable to consider how poorly our culture supports living a healthy and happy life. It is full of things to enhance the ego drama, eat poorly, and suffer. Why have we built such a monster? Very simply, our culture is a reflection of those within it.

But really, it’s more a boogy man than a monster. It’s an illusory effect and has no real bearing on our happiness unless we engage it. More remarkable, the difference between living in hell and living in heaven is fairly small. As we change internally, the environment changes with us. The world … Continue Reading…

What do you Create?

In a discussion group, a new member said they had just watched the What the Bleep film and are looking forward to “consciously create my day“. She asked “What are your experiences with this? Have you been surprised, given a sign that was so unbelievably unexpected?” This is what came up.

Many people start with small stuff, like “signs” or finding a parking space. Then you can work your way up to the important stuff as your confidence builds. Others dive right in to the big stuff.

Thoughts don’t just affect your reality, they ARE your reality or … Continue Reading…

10 steps to Achieving

In Self Effort, I reviewed the value of correct effort in accomplishing our goals. There is an old saying, well begun is half done. This is the key to productive action and rich results. Stepping forward from the correct foot, in the correct direction.

But just how do we do this? Step by step, with proper preperation.

1 – Desire:
All action starts with a desire, an intention to act. It is the motivator that will gives us energy to carry the action through. Without desire, there is no energy and thus no action. This is … Continue Reading…

Engagement 1 of 3

Engagement 1 of 3

Felicia dancing, Maracas fishing village, Trinidad Creative Commons Athinaf

What you might ask is the secret to the world? Sure, we have talked much here about silence, being, ego and all that inner directed stuff. That is the secret of Being. But what of being in the world? I’ve not touched too much on ideas like the Law of Attraction here – little bits like why Resonance is a better … Continue Reading…