Entrenched Habits

Some habits can be very difficult to change. Even if we successfully get around them for a time, they can rear their head again. They can be like a petulant child who always wants its way.

This is a flag of resistance and of karma. Because of its shadow nature, it is often hard for us to see, even if it’s obvious for others around us. We can call this a blind spot. This is especially true of fundamentals, like food, relationships, and money. This is because these habits can be started very early in life when our mental … Continue Reading…

Emotional Healing

We digest everything we consume: food, drink, sensations, and experiences. Some of our thoughts and emotions are a symptom of this background processing, although more is done at night in dreams. However, it’s batch processing so we can only vaguely associate the activity with the prior experiences. You can see this clearly with dreaming.

If we’re under stress, energy is diverted from digestion and the higher forebrain to ready the body for fight, flight, or freeze. We also fall into resistance, grasping at what we want to keep and resisting what we don’t want. This resistance further impedes digestion. … Continue Reading…

Digesting Contraction

There’s a take on purification I realized I’d not covered. Unlike some psychological approaches, we don’t have to dig up every trauma and challenge we’ve ever faced to clear it’s impact. That would make it essentially endless.

The vast majority of our contractions can be handled by samadhi. By stepping deep into pure being, we get a rest deeper than sleep and gradually ground ourselves in presence. With the increased rest and peace, our layers can shed baggage as a matter of course.

We’ll also probably have more robust contractions that have been deeply reinforced or … Continue Reading…

Healing Trauma

In the west, we often spend our time in our heads or devoted to distractions like television or games. Some people and cultures are more OK with emotions but may get caught in the drama more instead. It’s not easy being human.

All of us have experienced illness, death, violence, and abuse in one form or another. How we respond to such experiences makes a big difference in the consequences for us. But our response is natural and often automatic. It’s not something we control – however hard we might try.

This is especially true when we’re young … Continue Reading…

Mapping The Personality

Recently, I’ve been learning how the cosmic devata communicate to create the world and using that to rebalance an area of the cosmic body. We might call this a more directed way of healing although my skills with it are as yet modest.

In the specific sub-chakra involved, as the discord was soothed, the devata were willing to step back into their positions and restore balance. Together, there was unison and harmony although some further soothing is yet to come.

What became apparent was there was 50 of them in this sub-chakra. That seems to be a standard for chakras. … Continue Reading…

The Tales of Our Past

As I touched on in The Subconscious, the residues of our long past’s incomplete experiences leave latent impressions and desires. We experience subconscious impulses from our unknown past that over-ride our normal sense. While these are drivers seeking a way to find completion, they can show up as unhealthy or inappropriate actions that cause us trouble.

Not knowing from where these arise and wanting the security of a sense of control, the ego makes a story about our behavior. “Oh, I’m just bad with money” or “I never did understand men.” When the observing witness comes on-line and we … Continue Reading…

Food Rules

Yeah – I like titles that have several meanings or are playful. 🙂

We’re not all built the same. A suitable menu for one person can be bad news for another. For some, a strict vegetarian approach is suitable. For others, such a diet would lead to serious issues over time. Dietary decisions should not be based on a spiritual or ethical belief but rather on the needs of your specific body. Then you’ll have a suitable platform for spiritual development.

Sure – you can point to all kinds of examples of spiritual teachers recommending a “pure” diet for … Continue Reading…

Passing Shadows

Recently, the subject of being shadowed, veiled or overshadowed has come up a few times. We all have places we avoid going that will become more conscious. This is a wonderful opportunity to heal and to put down old baggage. Until we put it down, sometimes we don’t realize how much we carry and how much energy we waste keeping a cap on it.

A shadowed experience can be due to a number of things. But key in this is recognizing what is ours and what is not. One way we deflect is to blame or place the cause outside … Continue Reading…

On Dreams

Recently, I was asked about dreams. I’ve not written much on the subject. Basically I see dreams as mental and emotional digestion or processing. The content and the emotions are not generally connected. We might say the content is the vehicle for the emotions but has no meaning in itself. There’s a somewhat similar process that takes place during purification in meditation.

I’ve heard spiritual teachers describe dreams as our washing. You don’t need or want to inspect every bit of dirt leaving.

And then there’s those that culture “lucid” dreaming. I tend to favour the first. I’ve looked at … Continue Reading…

Follow the Feeling

If we sit quietly for a moment, we may well notice the noisy mind blabbing on about something. We then have a few choices. We can pay attention to what’s around us instead. We can listen to the mind. Or we can invest in the mind, take it seriously. Unfortunately, most people do the later. And then they share that with others, spreading it around.

The trouble is, a great deal of what comes out of the mind has nothing to do with the content. Hence “noise” or “monkey mind”.

The real dynamic is there is an activated, unresolved emotion(s) … Continue Reading…

The Origins of Addiction

We tend to think of addiction as an uncontrollable need to repeat behaviours that are less than desirable. Perhaps by “addiction” we think of substance addictions, like to drugs or alcohol. Or to “impulse control” behaviours like gambling or shopping. But it’s actually much deeper than this.

Clear people have observed that addiction is the result of unresolved emotional trauma. Not willing or not knowing how to face it, we end up finding less healthy ways of expression and avoidance that may show up as addiction. Certainly as regrettable behaviour, the adult version of a child “acting out”.

“All addiction … Continue Reading…

Healing the Past without Being the Past

When looking at healing modalities there’s an important distinction to be made between practices that help you become conscious of unresolved emotions and those that take you into them.

Becoming conscious of them helps you see them and if you’re OK, allow and resolve them. They can wash over you in a brief wave and be done. It may trigger sensations of physical release too. This ends the burden or at least whacks off a big chunk. I’ve talked before how I facilitated that by culturing gratitude but there are many ways Continue Reading…