Unity in God Consciousness

In his commentary on the Bhagavad Gita, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi describes the stages of Cosmic Consciousness, God Consciousness (GC), and Unity in God Consciousness. In the early 70’s he added Unity Consciousness to the line-up. By the mid-80’s he stopped talking about “higher states” and only talked about Brahman.

For a long while I equated “Unity in GC” with Unity itself. However, I later realized it was more about what I call Refined Unity. This is the God Consciousness stage continuing into the Unity stage.

What this term likely speaks to is the way the process unfolded for him. … Continue Reading…

How Many Hearts??

I’ve begun to lose track of how may hearts there are to open. (laughs) A few years ago, I wrote about the 4 hearts, then added one to it:

1 – the physical heart in the left chest
2 – Anahata, the heart chakra we meet on the rise of kundalini Shakti
3 – Hrit, the heart sub-chakra above the physical heart.
4 – the “high heart” or “soul thrill” sub-chakra behind the clavicle, between heart and throat.
5 – Hridaya, a higher octave of the heart chakra that opens during the … Continue Reading…

Fear of Flow

Stillness is needed for awakening. Not just the deep stillness we notice in meditation, but a stillness even in activity. When alertness and clarity of stillness are at a peak, seeing happens.

As Yoga (1v2-3) puts it:
Yoga is the complete settling of the activity of the mind
Then the observer is established in the Self [in its own nature]

Yet after the shift, if someone doesn’t understand the larger picture, they can cherish the peaceful stillness and try to hold onto it. This impedes further progress. You see people who have been awake for years … Continue Reading…

The Divine

When we come to the divine for the first time, it’s often through form. This can be a very profound experience. It may trigger major heart opening, insight, devotion, and/or deep humility. Yet it may also bring confusion, circumspection, or reconsideration. If we’ve developed an atheist philosophy, for example, that can certainly be disrupted. But even if we’re a person of faith, the divine won’t necessarily show up as expected.

Often people experience representatives of the divine first; what are commonly called angels or devas. (not to be confused with astral beings) But we may also experience the … Continue Reading…

Stages of Refinement

Readers of this blog know I talk about the refinement process in parallel to the awakening and unfolding of consciousness to itself.

Our first order is the transformation of tamas guna (inertia) into sattva (clarity, purity) through rajas (fire). We experience this process in various ways described with words like purification, release of stress, kriya, physical sensations, releasing, refinement, relaxing, and so forth. The net result is increased clarity, refined perception, and the awakening heart.

I’ve mentioned before how when tamas is dominant, we experience the physical world as real and the subtle as unreal. When rajas becomes dominant, … Continue Reading…

What is Refinement?

I’ve talked here about refined perception, soma and various effects of refinement. But a recent discussion revealed I’d not talked about refinement itself for a bit.

It’s quite common in some circles to speak of energy healing, clearing the dross, healing the pain body, or settling the energetic noise. This is the purification aspect that helps with clarity and peace. It allows more subtle values to become conscious, particularly consciousness or presence.

But what is less talked about is refinement. As things settle some, it allows another stage of development. We might call it smoothing or polishing … Continue Reading…

The Foundations of Soma

Previously, I wrote about the nadis or energy channels of the body in Foundations. This also relates directly to the chakra databanks Rose Rosetree writes about. I’d like to explore this in a little more detail.

I mentioned before that the nadis are formed by the flow of attention. At these fine levels, awareness continually curves back on itself. When it’s flowing it thus spirals into a tube. And thus the nadis are born.

But why do the nadis flow out into this structure we come to know … Continue Reading…

Natural Solutions – part 1 of 2

In another forum, a friend of mine recently spoke about how ~150 robins had settled into his yard for some days, crapping on everything. He loved the birds but there were too many in that small space. He contacted the “Robin King” with a request and shortly afterward, all the robins departed.

The discussion brought up the following points:
– they don’t always cooperate but often will
– the Findhorn approach suggests you also offer a better alternative (over there, later, etc.)
– be “humble, natural, and take a direct approach.” Don’t fight them or complain
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The Experience of God

This came up in another forum and I thought it worth sharing here, though I’ve covered it before. It is edited for context.

Although not everyone recognizes this, on observation, we can recognize a profound intelligence behind all the complexity of the world. The very fact that it’s knowable, that it has consistent laws, and even that it exists and didn’t fall apart (even if seen to be an illusion) supports this. The precision required for the universe to be sustained is astonishing in its exactness. A slight change in fundamental numbers and the universe would never even have formed.

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How to Know God

In a discussion group, someone was asking how to have a relationship with God without the experience. In our western culture, we don’t have the common devotional examples they have in the east. In traditional India, one chooses one’s favoured form of (personal) God early on with a guru’s guidance and Jyotish (astrology). They also cultured devotion to teacher and mate. This made devotion much easier if there was such an inclination. Experience came later on a natural foundation.

In the West, many churches speak more to the mind, telling us what we should believe and how we should live … Continue Reading…

God Realization Plus

I’ve spoken here occasionally about God Realization. I wanted to add some further notes on the subject.

Firstly, it’s good to know that evolution happens both ways – from the outside in and from the inside out. We have a spiritual practice to awaken and Self has a process to wake through us. Put in this context, we go to meet God and God comes out to meet us.

Also, before God Realization, we have to know who we are. Self Realization has to come first. Self awakens to the Self through you. Then God Realization can … Continue Reading…

Unfolding God

The direct experience of God is one of the most significant events in anyones life. Even more profound to live it, to become what has been experienced. At it’s crown, this is God Realization. And yet our culture often suggests this is an illusion, an effect of blind faith, or a mere question of philosophy. Even within religious orders and spiritual groups, direct experience can horrify some leaders. The story of Bernadette Roberts, for example.

We are also challenged by many examples of God and gods, the dominant one in these parts being a grumpy old man in … Continue Reading…