Signs and Omens

Many of the worlds traditions include some way to read “omens”. But much of that has degraded into superstition and a sense of victim-hood. There are lots of books floating around listing meanings of events, dreams, and so on in your life.

But think about it a little. Does any given event have the same meaning for everyone? For example, a crow crosses your path. Is a crow to you a pest, a sign of evil, a symbol of secret knowledge, or a communal bird that mates for life? Perhaps it has no meaning at all to you. Rather than … Continue Reading…

Habits of Mind

I was reminded recently that meditation alone is not a magic bullet. It’s a very useful tool but if we don’t culture good mental habits, it won’t serve us as well. The person I was chatting with turned out to have been meditating since the 60’s. Also a vegetarian for decades. But they hold grudges and choose to see the world and others darkly. They’ve spent many years hating their life but not changing anything. Now their body has balked and refuses to heal.

While meditation will tend to soften those bonds, if we then reinforce them again after our practice, … Continue Reading…

The Power of History

There is the old saying: what you put your attention on grows stronger. This is true not only in your apparent individual life but in the larger community as a whole. The Lord’s Prayer would be an example, made powerful by the attention given it by many over a long time. This power is less in the words and more in the feelings and attention. As the movie The Sound of Music put it, “The hills are alive, with the sound of music, the songs we have sung, for a thousand years.Denise Hagan spoke of how … Continue Reading…

Your Power of Command

Rose Rosetree has written a number of books over the years – many of them first in the field, in multiple languages, and gradually being re-released in updated editions. They share a common approach of clarity and humour but each is focused on a specific arena.

If energy healing is rather new for you, you may find it easier to start with her Aura Reading book or if you’re an empath, I’d recommend one of her Empath books first. When you have some context, all of this will make more sense.

I’ve reviewed her books on … Continue Reading…

Healing Everything – Part 2 of 3

< Part 1 – Intro

– Preparation

As long as a lot of this is unconscious, we’re not going to understand the mechanics and so can’t act directly on them. We’ll just continue to react from them.

Thus, we need three things:
1 – energetic literacy (making it conscious and clear)
2 – some context for what we’re experiencing (understanding)
3 – techniques to address specific issues (skills)

This article is a summary to point to resources for all three. The most important part to understand … Continue Reading…

The Second Stage

One of the fascinating things about the dawning age we’re in is that laws of nature are awakening from long dormancy. This means new (in recent times) abilities or gifts are awake and can be discovered. The Yoga Sutra calls them Siddhis, but it goes beyond the prescribed abilities.

In this context, I don’t mean individually. This is a process taking place in the cosmic body, the body of all. The gifts will tend to be discovered by this or that person and exemplified by others or the environment. But it’s awakening in the whole. We see … Continue Reading…

Stages of Energetic Literacy

As we’re now in the energy age, it’s time we developed some energetic literacy. That is, the ability to read energy properly. To take it up a notch from “feeling vibes”.

Rose Rosetree does an excellent job of qualifying the stages of development of this skill, so I’ll use her model. I’ve had experiences of all of this but this is not an arena I’m skilled in yet.

Stage 1 is being able sense energy in general. Also an intuitive sense of “vibes” and possibly seeing a little non-physical colour. Perhaps … Continue Reading…

A Perfect Teacher

A discussion came up about a controversial teacher recently. I’ve written about teachers before. It’s worth making a few more comments on the subject.

One thing you may run into is the Indian habit of embellishment. Two teachers will talk very highly of each other, using words of praise you have to be a little careful about taking at face value. Just because famous teacher A calls teacher B an avatar does not make them Krishna. It’s not that they’re exaggerating so much as talking from a place of oneness – they see … Continue Reading…

Skills vs Consciousness

In a discussion over on Rose Rosetree’s blog, the distinction between level of skill and level of consciousness came up.

This is an important distinction. It’s one thing for spiritual awakening to unfold. It’s another for us to make skilled use of that. Partly this is in integration and allowing presence to express through us rather than being driven by old habits and resistance. Many are still learning how to be in the world in this new context.

But partly this is about purity and clarity. The Sattva side … Continue Reading…


I’ve been preparing to finally update the stale Key Posts page. I have over 50 new links to add. Recently, I was helping a friend update their interview sites categories. Aside from an easier way to locate types of posts, it can also be used to feed a page sorted by category. It dawned on me I can use this for my Key Posts page. While not as nicely laid out then, it won’t be perpetually out of date as it is now. This will basically automate it, once I get it set up. That’s underway now.

This weekend, I … Continue Reading…

Sacred Cows

If you enjoyed the film What the Bleep, one of it’s makers, Betsy Chasse, has recently published a book called Tipping Sacred Cows. In this case, the Sacred Cows are our personal stories about the world.

You may enjoy her blog post about it – full of metaphor. The only difference I’d suggest is that replacing stories about the past with stories about the future is just changing the breed of cow. The key to the love she opened to at … Continue Reading…

Choice or Fate?

I’ve spoken on the old Free Will vs Determinism debate in the past. One of the things about being human is that we’re (generally) conscious enough to see choice. We’re not driven only by “instinct” or “nature”. We certainly may be conscious of being driven by habits and compulsions. But the more conscious we are or rather the more clear our consciousness is, the more we have a sense of choice.

Of course, that sense may vary. Sometimes we may also feel trapped or bound by circumstances or obliged by our roles. But even in … Continue Reading…