Wait For It…

There are many out there promoting goal setting and manifesting your desires. And there is good value in some of that content. But the part you have to be careful of is trying to control the way the results show up.

The Bhagavad Gita famously says “You have control over Action alone, never over it’s fruits.”

Letting go of control can be very difficult for the ego. But eventually, the ego itself lets go. Then the habits of control fall away over time.

Learning to trust nature, that you’ll be fine, can take time. And support may well show up … Continue Reading…

Goal Setting

On her Awakened Dreamer blog, Lori Ann Lothian recently posted an article about goal-setting called The 4 Types of Goal-Setters Pre and Post Awakening: Which One Are You?

“Recently someone posted on an enlightenment FB group, the question, “Do you have goals?” If this were any place else, the query would have seemed strange and the answer would be “Of course I have goals.”

What happened next were dozens of comments along the lines of “No goals here. No one here to set goals.”  That is like asking, do you breathe? And people say, … Continue Reading…

InterSpecies Communication

When we communicate with animals and plants, it’s not about about the physical. It’s not the body language and it’s not the words. Other species don’t use English or Spanish and body language can have different meanings, even in different human cultures. For example, a smile may be seen as a threat, a baring of teeth.

What matters is how they’re used to communicating now. Energy. What we’re broadcasting. Our feelings and intentions. This is pre-verbal.

It’s thus important to settle – partly so we’re quiet enough to hear those signals under the chatter of … Continue Reading…

Resolving Problems

I’ve written before on very practical ways of solving problems. I’d like to take a more energetic look at the subject because sometimes the problems are showing up due to how we’re being internally.

For many of us, we deal with some kinds of problems in one of a few ways.
– we attack it
– we withdraw or leave
– we ignore it and hope it goes away

This is built right into our physiology’s adaptive mechanics – fight, flight or freeze. But does a stress response ever resolve anything? And what is the … Continue Reading…

Memories Are Made Of

“When you remember a past event, you are actually remembering the last time you remembered it, not the actual event. ” (unknown)

As various experiments have shown, our memories tend to evolve over time. The brain is fluid, being changed by every experience. Each time a memory arises, it may be adapted to our more recent experiences, slightly reinterpreted. Over time, we create a body of interpretation rather than an actual history.

Some have suggested that memories are stored “in the field” and it’s the synaptic wiring that gives us access to them. The brain is the receiver, as it … Continue Reading…

Correction vs Evolution

The experience of living life after a well-established awakening is quite distinct. Not everyone speaks of this or even notices the change if it came gradually. Only in retrospect or in seeing someone else struggle is the distinction more obvious.

One key is in our relationship with nature. We are all supported by nature no matter how roughly we may feel treated or how much we feel unsupported. What changes is the way nature is supporting us.

When we’re ego-identified, our life revolves around the fulfillment of wants. We spend our life chasing things – love, money, better job, possessions, … Continue Reading…

Action Required

Reading further in Conversations with Maharishi, Volume 2, a key point is raised. Maharishi notes that vigorous activity strengthens silence. He observes that when we use multiple senses simultaneously, it requires a centre of silence. This is very evolutionary.

But activity also adds stress which reduces clarity. Thus, we end up moving at an “ant’s” speed. But it still means that simply living life well is very evolutionary and will eventually lead to spiritual awakening.

If we add effortless meditation to the equation, then we reduce stress and increase the connection to … Continue Reading…

True Purpose

I’ve written here a number of times about purpose. Everything from the Vedic idea of dharma (that which sustains) to living life purposefully.

In a recent article on Rose Rosetree’s blog, she brought up an issue with purpose that’s become common in New Age circles. Essentially, this is an endless search for an abstract perfect purpose. Why I am truly here.

This is an expression of spiritual addiction, living life searching for an ideal but never bringing it into the world. Living in the … Continue Reading…

Calling Grace (Part 4)

One of the more interesting aspects of Nancy Shipley Rubin‘s recent workshop was on Grace.

In most spiritual traditions we are essentially culturing the ground (body, emotions, mind) and waiting for that moment of grace to descend for healing and/or awakening. Some may think their practices will “get them enlightened” but this misses what enlightenment is. It is not the me or person that is enlightened. And it is not anything we do. It arises from Grace, from beyond even consciousness.

But what if you could call on Grace? What if … Continue Reading…

The Energetics of Attraction (Part 1)

Over the years, I’ve written a variety of articles on intention, the law of attraction, sufficiency, and related subjects. This has included the series on success, gaining cooperation from the environment, magnetizing money, and a detailed step-by-step review of getting results.

In all of this, it’s about becoming more conscious of how we use our energy and attention, clearing the obstacles, and living the life that is here.

A week ago, I took another workshop with Continue Reading…

Divine Beings

A subject that comes up periodically is the distinction between types of subtle beings. I reviewed them recently here. Many people first experience the beings closer to their physical presence. Perhaps the dead, or nature elementals, or a guide or other related being. Broadly, these are all astral beings. You should apply the same principles to them as to anyone you meet in the physical world. Most will place self-interest at the top of their priorities.

Divine beings like angels, archangels, gods, avatars and so forth are very distinct from astral … Continue Reading…