Space and Time in Consciousness

I’ve spoken before about how space and time are both nested. The space of our universe is nested in the space of creation, for example. Our inner world may seem to be within the outer world or vice versa. And cycles of ages are nested one within the other.

Space arises in the dynamics of consciousness being aware of itself. In that recognition, there is a sense of distinction between observer and observed giving rise to space and distance. The process of that experience gives rise to sequence and thus perception of time.

Shaktis or intelligent flows … Continue Reading…

Our Choices

Over the years, I’ve explored my family tree and done DNA testing. It’s fascinating to see how a family evolves and what changes things.

For example, my father was born in New Zealand and spent his early years on a cattle ranch. His father developed a health issue, and they chose to migrate back to western Canada where he had met his Australian wife.

Had they not made that choice, my parents would not have met and this form would not have been created. In fact, there are innumerable choices innumerable people made over the years … Continue Reading…

Once You Know

There is a curious dynamic in being human. Once we know, we know.

For example, a DNA test. They can reveal some fascinating detail about your makeup and origins. But what about the genetic markers you have for diseases such as Alzheimers? What about unknown relatives appearing that your ancestors may have hidden? There can be surprises. These are things that once you know, you cannot stop knowing. Good to know but it’s not always easy.

With knowledge comes responsibility. Even in simple things like crossing the street. Children may dart out into traffic. … Continue Reading…

True Victory

Recently, a friend sent me a quote from Swami Brahmananda Sarawati, a famous Shankaracharya from the Shankara lineage. He was the teacher of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and some other well-known teachers.

I was not able to determine the source of this quote or who translated it but I have seen reliable sources who quoted him saying somewhat similar things. I thought it insightful enough to share in any case.

Real victory is that, after which there can never be a reverse. Nobody can call himself a victor forever merely by crushing an external foe, because such foes can … Continue Reading…

Balance in Life

There’s a curious balance on the spiritual path between being human and being divine, between self-effort and flow.

If we do not act, we see no results, no fruit. But if we act with expectation, life is bound to disappoint. Life flows in the whole, not the me.

After awakening, there is often a period of winding down the old. We unwind remaining attachments related to expectations and grasping for results. Slowly, we learn to allow and let life be as it is in the various parts of our life. We let go of the ego’s need for control. We step … Continue Reading…

The Human Condition

It’s a curious thing to be human. We often learn at a young age to repress aspects of ourselves to avoid pain. And yet, by repressing aspects of ourselves, we create conflicts with our natural desires. These internal conflicts interfere with our ability to live a happy and smooth life.

These can be deep conflicts over life fundamentals. Like desiring wealth but seeing money as the root of all evil. Or wanting health but soothing emotions with food.

Often, we make major compromises in life choices to avoid facing those apparently unresolvable conflicts. And yet all of it can … Continue Reading…

Healthy Discrimination

It is very common to have an initial infatuation with a new teaching (relationship, etc), then come to see the warts. We’re all human.

At that point, we have a choice. We can toss the whole thing and look for something better. Or we can bring in discrimination and separate the wheat from the chaff. Perhaps there is a little too much chaff and it’s better to let it go. But perhaps there’s some good wheat there we can sow.

This is a big part of developing a mature relationship with anything, including a teaching. Moving beyond the infatuation or … Continue Reading…

Unloading Concepts

Those who read this site will find a LOT of concepts. Also lots of Sanskrit terms and Vedic references that have a specific meaning that may not be what you’ve seen elsewhere.

The key to understand this site is that these are ways of talking about abstract subjects that there isn’t always good English words for.

You may get the impression that this site is driven by concepts but it’s actually driven by experience which I then try to put into words. I don’t write to help you fill your mental baskets but to support people on the journey … Continue Reading…

The Edifice

Corresponding with a friend, they mentioned being a “collective edifice of our thoughts”. I responded that I see the person more like the collective edifice of the laws of nature focused here. That leads to our thoughts, tendencies, and so forth.

Some of those laws we may not consider ideal or of mixed value while others bring gifts we might prefer. But this unique blend of emphasis we have leads to our unique perspective of the world and the fulfillment of our creation.

Coming to terms with our blend and how we can best benefit from it leads to comfort … Continue Reading…

Spiritual Friends

Kalyaana Mittataa is a Buddhist term for “spiritual friendship”. It can include student-teacher dyads and peer groups, what one might call one’s spiritual community.

This would be a community focused on spiritual development rather than simple social gatherings. But it would also depend on how we come to it. We can come to even a dysfunctional family gathering and use it as a self-reflective experience. Or we can come to a spiritual gathering and gossip about someone out of earshot.

From the Buddhist perspective, the key is in developing the noble virtues. Are we exposing ourselves to “good … Continue Reading…

The Layers

Recently, friends have been corresponding about “the mystery”. Can reality be known or is it destined to remain something of a mystery, greater than self-knowledge? My position is that we can know it when we are it. As we unfold who we are, we can unfold all the knowledge that comes with that.

Taking a Unity perspective, all form arises in the self-referral dynamics of consciousness. If an experience is taking place, even of an emptiness, it is taking place in consciousness.

By this I don’t mean because we’re conscious we can have an experience of an “outside” world. … Continue Reading…

Getting to Purpose

Over on Lori Ann Lothian’s blog Awakened Dreamer, she posted an article on Purpose, Discover the Thing You Were Born For in 5 Easy Steps. I enjoyed the article and ended up writing a long comment I decided to share here. I’ve added some links to articles I’ve written on the subject, with more at the bottom.

It is a fascinating explore… I’ve found that we are never not living to purpose. It’s actually not possible to be otherwise. It’s built in to our existence. However, if we’re not conscious of it, we can tend to resist and … Continue Reading…