The Wisdom of Heartbreak

A friend of mine sent me this video by Michael Rodriguez. I’ve spoken similarly about the 2 kinds of love and the opening of the heart but I enjoyed his wording. I agree that the heart must be broken open. The refined stages won’t get far without that.

For most, our heart is deeply defended and encrusted and our emotions not smooth flowing. I would not say this opening must be through pain and heartbreak but that’s not unusual. The dance here is a willingness to be open without too much expectation of what should happen. This allows … Continue Reading…

The Emergent Universe @ SAND17

Earlier, I had planned to attend the Science and Nonduality 2017 US conference to celebrate the launch of Our Natural Potential. However, things took longer than planned, the deadlines passed, the hotel sold out, and I put it aside.

A few days ago, the night before heading off to a retreat, they invited me to join them and share the new book. Before I left the next morning, all the parts were underway.

Dolce Hayes Continue Reading…

Our Natural Potential Book Launch Event

On October 11, the official launch date of the book Our Natural Potential, I’ll be holding a small celebration and talk. If you happen to be in the Comox Valley, you are most welcome to join us.If not, the book will be available through most suppliers that day. Have a little treat to celebrate with us. 🙂

The launch event:
Courtenay library
Oct 11, 2017
6 pm – 7:30 pm
300 6th … Continue Reading…

Me or We?

Lori Ann Lothian recently wrote an article called What if Your Awakening is Not Just for You? The article is about people seeking enlightenment to get something when enlightenment is about giving, letting go, shifting from a me to a we.

Yet this dynamic can also be part of the shadow post-awakening, one that gets in the way of deeper progress. The key is to learn to recognize the dynamic and wind it down rather than investing in it or making it “mine” or projecting it onto others.

I’ve written about some … Continue Reading…

Subjective vs Objective

The US election is highlighting one way changes are taking place in group consciousness that doesn’t seem to be clear for many people.

John Oliver highlighted the issue in this recent commentary (some strong language)

On Youtube

Objective, physical reality is about things that can be measured and recorded. We call these facts. Observing people in the physical world as they respond to subjective states is objective. Thinking about why they acted that way is subjective.

Subjective reality is our inner world – our thoughts, emotions, etc. Thinking about objective things is subjective. We call our subjective perspective things … Continue Reading…

Our Natural Potential talk @ SAND

In October, I gave a Stages in Consciousness talk at the Science and Nonduality conference. Here is the talk synopsis.

I was introduced by Rick Archer of Buddha at the Gas Pump fame. His talk had preceded mine and, on agreement, ran partly into the break between our talks. This meant people where still transitioning in and out as my talk began.

My opening reference to Rick’s style is because he read his large talk to cover the content while mine was unrehearsed. I had a lot to cover so also rolled quickly.

There … Continue Reading…

Some SAND Stories

Rick Archer is quite the networker. He was connecting people throughout the conference. It started long before the conference but began in person in the San Francisco airport where a group of us gathered and carpooled to San Jose. We came from the Canadian west coast, Amsterdam, the US midwest, the east coast, and the south. The next day was dominated by the panel discussion, shot in 2 parts of about 5 hours total. (that will be on-line when it’s ready) We were there about 9 hours plus some of us for setup the day before. I also got to … Continue Reading…

SAND Update

I’m at the SAND conference in San Jose. It’s been a very full schedule, rich with connections. There hasn’t been time for much else. I’ll be tackling comments and messages later this week.

My talk went well and there where many questions. The official video crew didn’t show but the talk was videoed and audio recorded by friends so something should be available. I’ll post the slides too.

The panel discussion at Sophia University had 15 participants. I was dubious this was a good idea but it gelled rather well. It was also taped but likely requires some work to … Continue Reading…

BATGAP Interview Live

The Buddha at the Gas Pump interview is live on Youtube now and will be live on the BATGAP site shortly. If you didn’t see it, here’s a little context for where the interview is taking place. Considering how rarely I speak of some of this, it came out reasonably well – even if I did look at the floor too much. (laughs)–suYFhw

Links to related articles on some of the discussed subjects:
Each has links to more.

How to Listen and the Value of a Story

I often mention the value … Continue Reading…

Interview Follow-up

The BATGAP interview took place Friday, Sept. 25 as planned. The weather was good, so we sat out in the gazebo beside the Kiwi orchard (7 varieties). Clare Blanchflower‘s interview followed, then the retreat began. Lorne and Lucia’s interview did not go ahead just yet as they wish to get their book ready before the onslaught of new contacts.

Here’s an aerial shot of the lodge property (foreground) where we enjoyed the potent retreat along with interviewer Rick Archer.

Unlike my usual articles, the interview is our spiritual story Continue Reading…

Our Natural Potential @ SAND

My talk at the Science and Nonduality conference (SAND) in October has firmed up. I’ll be speaking after Rick Archer on Friday morning, Oct 23 at 11:50. I have a midrange time slot of 40 min, better than expected.

The theme of our talk track is The Unveiling of Consciousness to Itself.

Here’s my abstract for the talk:

Our Natural Potential

Using the Alexander model from psychology, David will illustrate that normal human development takes us progressively within. However, without suitable understanding and support, most people stall development part way along. Correct that and the inward … Continue Reading…