The Energetics of Attraction (Part 1)

Over the years, I’ve written a variety of articles on intention, the law of attraction, sufficiency, and related subjects. This has included the series on success, gaining cooperation from the environment, magnetizing money, and a detailed step-by-step review of getting results.

In all of this, it’s about becoming more conscious of how we use our energy and attention, clearing the obstacles, and living the life that is here.

A week ago, I took another workshop with Continue Reading…

The Next Stage

A fun video. I would just make 2 adjustments to the message:
1 – it’s not “about to go”, it’s already happening. It is only that it is an inside out process so it has not shown up on the surface too much yet. What we see is more what has not been resolved being pushed to the surface instead. Are you working to resolve it or are you turning up the drama?

2 – Love is not the next step. The first step is always Know Thyself. Once you know who you are, beyond your mind and ego, … Continue Reading…

The Second Stage

One of the fascinating things about the dawning age we’re in is that laws of nature are awakening from long dormancy. This means new (in recent times) abilities or gifts are awake and can be discovered. The Yoga Sutra calls them Siddhis, but it goes beyond the prescribed abilities.

In this context, I don’t mean individually. This is a process taking place in the cosmic body, the body of all. The gifts will tend to be discovered by this or that person and exemplified by others or the environment. But it’s awakening in the whole. We see … Continue Reading…

Brahmacharya & Sex

Brahmacharya is one of the Yamas of Yoga and key to many conceptions of spiritual practice. It is commonly translated to mean celibacy. Celibacy is thus deemed necessary for real spiritual progress. However, while a small percent of people are natural monks, for most people abstinence is more a form of resistance or denial. That is actually a barrier to progress rather than a help. And there are ample examples of failure in both east and west, often to the detriment of people around them. Healthy expression denied becomes it’s shadow: abuse. Celibacy is not … Continue Reading…

Jim Carrey gives Commencement Speech

Recently, the graduating class of a small Midwestern US university had comedienne Jim Carrey for their commencement address. The campus all meditates and some practice Ayurveda, hence a few of the “inside” jokes about head direction, vata and such. “Dead baseball players” is a Field of Dreams reference – it was shot nearby.

Some quotes:
Now fear is going to be a player in life, but you get to decide how much. You can spend your whole life imagining ghosts, worrying about the pathway to the future, but all it will ever be is … Continue Reading…

Meaning, Life and Karma

This came up recently in a non-duality forum. I thought it worth sharing here.

In the philosophies around non-duality, they indicate that all life has meaning and that the principles are simple. However, due to the vast intricacies of how those principles interplay, the complexity is “unfathomable”.

Essentially, you could say there are several layers to what is being experienced. There is the dynamic of life itself, seeking expression and a return to its source. People will typically describe this as happening through them, such as a creative muse or awakening or intuition.

And … Continue Reading…

Top ‘o the Charts

What does it tell you when the top of the charts song is Happy? #6 is Let it Go. #11 – Best Day of My Life.  Of course there’s still lots of angry and pain songs. But not so many…  slowly but surely…

In case it’s not clear, popular songs make conscious the current flow of the community. Same with governments and the stock market and fashion. Consciousness leads, the environment and group follow.


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Pattern Recognition

One of the primary features of the human mind is pattern recognition – the ability to recognize the inherent structure of nature by the patterns we perceive in form and phenomena. We can explore the intelligence around us – this the essence of science.

Because of the koshas, all of our environment is an expression of who we are. Thus, if we explore any specific detail thoroughly, we would learn not only about that aspect of the world but who we are beneath that. This is the essence of why some old sciences like astrology or … Continue Reading…

Silence Becomes

“Imagine a mass of deep silence. If it could be aware of itself what it would find would be silence. According to the laws of quantum mechanics, in becoming aware of itself, the observer (silence) observing itself (silence) should have done something to itself.

What will have happened is that the moment the awareness realizes “I am silence”, both an observer and an object of observation are created, and in this process space, time and motion are generated.

The unmanifest provides the impetus for creation just by becoming aware of itself. This is the start of the entire space-time geometry, … Continue Reading…

Q&A, Part 3

It’s rare such back and forth continues. But there was more. This continues from Q&A 2
I have some other writing to come but life has other demands at the moment.

When acting, if there is a sense of things coming “through you” rather than from you, this is the difference between being in the flow/ acting from source vs acting from ego. A good example would be writing something you didn’t know. Creatives talking about the muse is the same. Once awake, it is progressively more like this as we wind … Continue Reading…