The Great Shadows

While I’ve explored karma in several other posts, I thought it would be useful to take it another step into application.

As the saying goes, we come into this life with a suitcase of karma to work through. There will be lots of little bits plus a few big ones. We might call the biggies life lessons or life challenges.

They’ll show up in certain areas of our life and not in others. For example, we may have reasonable health and good work but relationship challenges and issues with money. These things seem to be ongoing or show up … Continue Reading…

The Abundance Code

There’s a new movie out for New Age audiences that builds on prior films like The Secret called The Abundance Code. It has the common theme of talking heads surrounding an illustrative back story.

As usual, there is the “it’s all about me” approach and the “change your thoughts, change your world” message. But mixed in was a surprising amount of deeper insight. There was talk of letting go and allowing life/ nature to guide you, about allowing oneself to not know, about abundance not for the sake of gathering wealth but for having more experiences, and several even touched … Continue Reading…

True Wealth

I recently read that the ancient Africans measured wealth by how much you could afford to give away.

When we step beyond what we need into a little elbow room, we can reach sufficiency. However, a sense of sufficiency doesn’t come from getting ever more. That’s a form of grasping that’s a symptom of a belief in not enough. From that platform, we’ll never reach enough. If it’s never enough, what do we have to give away?

One of the insidious forms of “not enough” is the widespread entitlement you see in the west. Advertising media has cultured a … Continue Reading…

The Field of Action

People often think of karma as the consequences of our actions. But karma means action and is more equivalent to energy than doing or results. The consequences are technically considered the fruits of karma rather than karma itself.

We are reminded we have control over action alone, not over its fruits.

If the action does not flow to completion due to encountering resistance, an imbalance may remain or be stored until it can be resolved. If this is ongoing (usual), we develop a growing lag between action and results. Consequences seem disconnected or unrelated to action. We ask why … Continue Reading…

Salutation to the Dawn

Look to this day,
For it is life,
The very life of life.
In its brief course lie all
The realities and verities of existence,
The bliss of growth,
The glory of action,
The splendor of beauty—

For yesterday is but a dream,
And tomorrow is only a vision,
But today, well lived,
Makes every yesterday a dream of happiness
And every tomorrow a vision of hope.

Look well, therefore, to this day. 

— Kalidasa

Self Sufficiency

In our western culture, we pride our independence and self-sufficiency. While aspects of that have eroded with economic stratification, it is still a strong cultural meme.

While India today is being strongly influenced by western culture, it has traditionally been more heart-based. You can see this expressed in things like Bollywood movies – a grand spectacle of romance, drama, music and dance. Life as a grand celebration. Compare that to Iron Man or James Bond.

To shift deeper into being, there has to be a profound recognition we are not the doers. Our me-self is not “in control.” For some … Continue Reading…


There is a subtle but profound difference between simple acting and efforting. Hawkins called this Power vs Force. Our culture celebrates individual effort but does not discriminate between these. The result is many people trying to control and force things, largely leading to frustration, anger, and other forms of suffering.

The key is action, but learning to be in the flow or current. Learning to work with nature rather than against her. Sometimes we have to dial up the power, but only to move through. If we instead try to force our way through nature, we push against an obstacle … Continue Reading…


Another area where we need discrimination is in the stories we encourage and pass on. If we spend time with gossips, it’s easy to fall into the trap ourselves. I remember taking a step back and re-evaluating some of the joke emails I used to send along. There can be a fine line between humour and attack, between making light of something and putting it down.

Some areas of the internet have become quite nasty, people feeling they can and should say whatever they want. But it’s a mistake to think there are no consequences.

You see that same … Continue Reading…

Getting to Purpose

Over on Lori Ann Lothian’s blog Awakened Dreamer, she posted an article on Purpose, Discover the Thing You Were Born For in 5 Easy Steps. I enjoyed the article and ended up writing a long comment I decided to share here. I’ve added some links to articles I’ve written on the subject, with more at the bottom.

It is a fascinating explore… I’ve found that we are never not living to purpose. It’s actually not possible to be otherwise. It’s built in to our existence. However, if we’re not conscious of it, we can tend to resist and … Continue Reading…

Beyond Good and Bad

Most of us carry around large loads of energetic debris, also known as karma. Karma means action, in this case what physics might call potential energy. Only this energy is “loaded”. It has an agenda. It is seeking to return to balance and resolve it’s polarity. It has a direction it wishes to take, based on the energy that threw it out of balance in the first place.

When it becomes active, we have experiences and events in our life, be they physical, emotional, or mental. You may also have noticed that such events don’t tend to be neutral but … Continue Reading…


In another forum, the subject of dignity came up. One person attributed it to the ego, saying it was something we’d lose with awakening.

However, if we consider dignity in the sense of self respect, I would suggest this is not lost. Rather, it evolves.

Dignity is certainty typically co-opted by the ego. It becomes about a me and what I expect. In the west, this is often associated with wealth and fame. But someone wealthy and famous who acts out in self-destructive ways is not expressing self-worth. Rather, they are illustrating a lack of it. The media is full … Continue Reading…

Two Billion

Periodically on this blog, I’ve mentioned that there are groups today doing Yagyas of unprecedented size in the modern age. Yagyas are an ancient science of procedures used to create specific effects. The greater the repetitions of the procedure or size, properly done, the greater the effect.

At the beginning of June this year, an over 50 year project to do a “Lalita Sahasranama Maha Maha Yajnam” will compete in Georgia, USA. That setting was chosen to help ease the pain of women.

“The Maha Maha Yajnam is being performed to celebrate the completion of 2 billion recitations of the … Continue Reading…