Eckhart on Oprah

As you have undoubtedly heard, Oprah has created a little history.
Breaking out of her book club mold of recommending fiction and memoirs, she recommended a self-help book, Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth. Then she decided to develop a free 10 part online course, reviewing each chapter with Tolle. Tolle doesn’t usually do TV as its too short a format to explain it properly.

Over 700,000 people registered. “Monday night’s webcast was one of the
largest single online events in the history of the Internet. More than
500,000 people simultaneously logged on to watch Oprah Winfrey and
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Busting Loose

Every so often, a gem shows up. Last year, 3 friends (2 of them awake) recommended the book “Busting Loose from the Money Game” by Robert Scheinfeld. Finally got a chance to finish it recently. It covers so much more than just the ‘money game’. In fact, he talks about transcending the ‘human game’. The subtitle says it nicely: “Mind-blowing strategies for changing the rules of the game you can’t win”

The book is based on current thought around consciousness, the Field, and overcoming our illusions. He talks about how to bust your illusion “eggs” that suck up your power. … Continue Reading…

the Waking

“David Hawkins, in his book, Power vs. Force outlines precisely what level of consciousness, measured in energy, is required to  counterbalance the lower levels of consciousness. When enough of us become enlightened (allegedly calculated to the square root of 1% of the world’s population which is just over 8,000 people), the level of consciousness of the entire universe will shift. Hawkins even states the numbers and claims that we have, in fact, already reached ‘critical mass’. ACIM states that when this level of consciousness reaches this point the manifestation of our thought energy will be the disappearance of the entire … Continue Reading…

Whats up?

From a discussion on Adam, the Dreamhealer and unexplained phenomenon.

As Adam has observed, in our culture we focus on the physical, the surface values of our experience. Less physical things like electricity and magnetism are somewhat mysterious. Many people are only vaguely aware that they have thoughts, and feelings are often these apparently random events that wash over us. We have no context for subtler values of anything. Physics however tells us there is a whole host of subtler values, many with different laws of nature operating.

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Maharishi Passes

As the following article states, we have reached the end of an era. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a person who brought meditation and its scientific study to the west in a big way, has passed on at about 91. Funeral rites made major headlines in India and were televised live. The government showered him with rose petals from a helicopter. He was given a silent form of a 21 gun salute. The Shankaracharya blessed the proceedings and many sages were present.

I was lucky enough to have had a conversation with him in the mid ’70s, shortly before his popularity caused … Continue Reading…

The 17th Principle

You’ve probably heard of Napoleon Hill. In the early part of the last century he spent 20 years, at Andrew Carnegie’s request, researching how the very successful achieve their success. He wrote a best seller, Think and Grow Rich, back in the late ’30’s. In the book he wrote of 16 principles of success, the foundation of wealth and achievement.

He gave detailed instructions for making them part of your life. Many people of both my parents and my own generation have read the book. Many people achieved great success as a result.

But many also did not. So he … Continue Reading…

The Universe is Dreaming Itself Awake

A friend of mine sent me an excellent article by Paul Levy.

“When you begin to spiritually awaken, it is like waking up inside of a dream and recognizing that everything you are experiencing is nothing other than a very convincing projection, or display of your mind. The boundary between inner and outer, between dreaming and waking starts to dissolve, and you begin to realize that the same dreaming mind that is dreaming your dreams at night is dreaming your life. You realize that there is a Deeper Dreaming Self that is having a dream and we are it!

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What is real?

From a discussion about reality….

There is an important detail to understand. The deeper we go, the simpler the dynamics. Greater order and beauty. But as we move closer to pure consciousness, the details become less, boundaries become more generalized. In order for us to experience and thus understand these dynamics, we “personalize” it. We lay our conscious perspective onto consciousness. Kind of like anthropomorphizing. We express the underlying patterns in an as if dream form.

Each of us thus perceive these underlying values uniquely. This is why we see the variation in different faiths of the world. One message … Continue Reading…

Time of the Sixth Sun

A film in post-production (?) on the current age and the many prophesies about it. Mayan, Hopi, etc – see the 2012 link for a list. Viewed as stages in the evolution of consciousness. [this link is now broken]

One can observe that research into the Mayan calendar now considers Oct of 2011 to be the actual “end date”. Also that traditional Hindu views of the Yugas place the change many thousands of years away, but other interpretations such as Yukteswars sees it in about 150 years. Nonetheless, it is quite apparent that change is underway in consciousness. Unprecedented … Continue Reading…

10 Questions for the Dalai Lama

“If you had only one hour with the Dalai Lama, what would YOU ask?

Against the backdrop of an exotic land, a lone filmaker is granted one hour to ask ten questions of the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet. Containing rare historical footage as well as footage taken inside Tibet, a story is woven between a journeyman’s personal observations, the troubled history of a government-in-exile, and the life and wisdom of one of the premiere spiritual leaders of our time.”
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