The teacher

From a discussion about a group of spiritual teachers:

We may see enlightenment as a goal or end point, but its not. It is a process, like all other human development. There are certain key “steps” but each takes a period of integration, of settling in. Indeed, waking up puts us back in spiritual kindergarten. It is only the beginning.

Because of the lack of clarity around the subject in our culture, there are several places we can get sidetracked. Powerful spiritual experiences can strengthen the ego or give one an idea that they are enlightened because of experiences. But … Continue Reading…

Be Here Now

Back in the ’60’s, one of the “mantras”, along with ‘peace, man’, was ‘Be Here Now’. But most of us didn’t really ‘get it’. The agenda was anti-: anti-war, anti-establishment. It was the ego talking. When Maharishi first came to North America, he spoke about enlightenment and God realization but found people wanted to hear about sleeping better, basically the opposite state. (laughs)

Gradually, more people came out with the message, including more westerners. Neelam and Gangaji talk of being present. Eckhart Tolle talks about being with what is. Being. There is only now. And so forth.

This is about … Continue Reading…

What is emergence?

From a discussion on web sites wanting to “organize” emergence.

♦Its very important to understand a key point about ’emergence’. It is not people that wake up to reality, it is reality that wakes up to people. Consciousness is waking to itself, through the vehicle of apparent individuals, through our unique expression, our increment of the whole. We are waking through our expression, then the expression itself is awoken too.

“all this time he thought he was Bob trying to realize the Self. On this course he understood that the Self was trying to realize Bob.”  — Bob

Because the … Continue Reading…

Eckhart episode list

In the post on Eckhart on Oprah, I talked a little about the shows and how to get them for seeing on your time. Here is an episode list:

The 10 sections/ chapters are:
Monday, March 3rd:  The Flowering of Human Consciousness

Monday, March 10th:  Ego: The Current State of Humanity

Monday, March 17th: The Core of Ego

Monday, March 24th: Role Playing: The Many Faces of the Ego

Monday, March 31st: The Pain-Body

Monday, April 7th: Breaking Free

Monday, April 14th: Finding Who You Truly Are

Monday, April 21: The Discovery of Inner Space

Monday, April 28th: … Continue Reading…

Blossoming bliss

Our journey through life is a remarkable one. We are faced with many choices in life, yet much conflicting information about what and who to trust. When we look back on our journey, we may find what seems many episodes off on side tracks. Yet in a broader perspective, we can see how each aspect has contributed to the whole of our experience.

Yesterday, I read the story of a promising painter who dropped out of art school to become a teacher of meditation, apparently putting aside  his talent for his idealism. But in the longer story of his life, … Continue Reading…

Stroke of insight

In the 18 minute clip on the below link, Neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor talks at the TED conference about her personal experience of a stroke.

She had a blood vessel burst in her left brain causing her to gradually lose functions. Because of her background, she was able to monitor the shift and explore the consequences as a scientist. The experience also gave her a spiritual epiphany. She describes the experience and her discoveries. A remarkable story.

In the clip, she describes (and shows) the 2 hemispheres of the brain. She goes over how the hemispheres … Continue Reading…


In the recent issue of the Bleeping Herald , one of the filmmakers of What the Bleep, Will Arntz, talks about Connectedness.

My response:

Dear Will

Thanks for the great article in the latest Herald. I wanted to suggest something. The concept of perspective. If you define the process by perspective and how they shift, it makes the process even clearer. If we study human development and the awakening process, we can define a series of stages or states of consciousness people will pass though in their growth cycle. For example, when a baby is born, … Continue Reading…

4 Agreements

Recently, I saw Don Miguel Ruiz speak in the film Living Luminaries. I was also given his book “The 4 Agreements” for my birthday. I’d seen and heard about it a number of times. But it was still a nice surprise. Miguel is bringing a sample of the Toltec wisdom to light here and its a fresh perspective on the dynamics of the ego and belief.

In this case, the agreements are the beliefs we have made with ourselves, based on false information. Yet we live and interpret our lives by them, and suffer as a result. … Continue Reading…


A couple of times on this site, I have mentioned Adam, the Dreamhealer. (on Biology and Whats Up) When I first met him, he was still a teenager, just starting university. I was attending a conference up at SFU and when he came up on the schedule as a ‘healer’, I expected some sort of frail sensitive. I was most surprised to see a fit, handsome young man, a jock even. He was limping slightly, due to an injury he had just sustained kick-boxing. Hadn’t had time to heal himself. My preconceptions about healers were destroyed … Continue Reading…