Embedded Intention

Inherent within all life and laws of nature is Intention. Directed consciousness. Energy with direction.
“[T]here’s a kind of intention, a kind of goal-directedness inherent in the very nature of life in the most fundamental processes that enable embryos to grow and even protein molecules to form. And I think that the kind of conscious intention we experience as part of our mental life has its background in this goal-directedness which is inherent in all living creatures, and is an essential part of the nature of life and an essential part of the nature of the organizing fields that … Continue Reading…

Fine-tuned universe

Having a really interesting discussion with a friend of mine about sciences supposition that energy somehow produces order, based on things like fractals that reveal order within disorder.
“In fact, if the time frame is long enough, anything that is even possible becomes inevitable. ”

This lead to the idea of the “Fine-tuned universe”…
“The term fine-tuned universe refers to the idea that conditions that allow life in the universe can only occur with the tightly restricted values of the universal physical constants, and that small changes in these constants would correspond to a very different universe, not … Continue Reading…

Lipton and Sheldrake meet

Here is a participants response to a recent Axiom conference in Seattle with Bruce Lipton and Rupert Sheldrake:

“A paradigm shift can only occur when there’s an alternate model
provided,” said Rupert Sheldrake at the recent Seattle Axiom dialog
between scientists Rupert Sheldrake and Bruce Lipton. “A coming out
movement is what we need to create to break through this taboo in
society [against investigating such phenomenon as telepathy.]” For
certain there were no “taboos” at this Axiom dialog! And most
certainly both scientists, standing as they do at the forefront of a
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Alchemy of Abundance

Rick Jarow gave a presentation on his Alchemy of Abundance at the
Planetarium last Sunday at SCDL. I was not able to make it, but here
are a friends notes:

The 3 steps to the Alchemy of Abundance are,
1. Simply observe reality by saying “Ah… look at what is, look at
what has manifested”
2. Release all Judgment, especially towards ourselves. (and it was
interesting that he added not to condemn OR exalt, as both are judgments)
3. Use your power of imagination to create a “healing vision” that
grows out … Continue Reading…

The Century of the Self

A BBC documentary series on Governments, Corporations and Mass Psychology.

4 x 58 min:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4: