What is real?

This was part of a discussion on what is real.

The way I see goes like this. We are consciousness. Pure, unbounded, silent, transparent consciousness. The only reason this is hard to grasp is that we try to experience it in our habitual ways – through the mind & senses. But how can something silent and transparent be perceived?  It cannot. We can only remember it. We are That.

Consciousness, being everywhere, experiences Itself. The process of that experience creates mind. A field created by the relationship of Self with Itself. Note that the mind is not the subject nor … Continue Reading…


“The biggest, most unquestioned answer of our culture is our relationship with money. It is there that we keep alive–at a high cost–the flame and mythology of scarcity.”

— Lynne Twist, author of the unexpected “Soul of Money”

Lynne has been a long time fund raiser for charities like the Hunger Project and has worked with the very, very poor and the very, very rich. Most suffer from the same illusions of scarcity.

In her book she outlines the 3 toxic myths of scarcity:

1) Theres not Enough
2) More is Better
3) Thats Just the Way … Continue Reading…


On a computer, full colour images are know as “24 bit” and have 3 “channels”, one each for red, green, and blue. These colours are blended to create the 16 or so million colours on your screen. But you may have noticed that you can set your computer screen to “32 bit”. Thats another “alpha” channel, just for setting values of transparency. To allow space without content. To perceive values of emptiness.

If we consider transparency further, we discover that all objects sit in transparent space. If space (and air) were not transparent, we would perceive a much smaller world. … Continue Reading…

Understanding our biology

In this article Adam, the Dreamhealer, talks about his University studies of molecular biology.

“Through studying Molecular Biology, I am increasing my understanding of healing as I “see” it. Many people seem to be under the impression that “modern medicine” understands almost everything that is happening in our cells since the sequencing of the human genome was completed in 2003. While studying molecular biology and biochemistry it has become apparent to me just how little we actually know.”

[article removed]   http://dreamhealer.com/

Love Life


It’s a truth that while you can influence what you experience each day, you cannot control what happens. However, you can control how you relate to what happens. This simple idea can bring you great freedom!

When things are not to your liking just accept them as they are, even get to like them because they are part of your life journey – like them as they are. If you are dissatisfied with things as they are and discontented because things are not to your liking, you are in effect standing in your own way. You will … Continue Reading…

Evolution 2

Here is a brief review of technology development and how Steven Vedro relates it to chakras: (from his blog)

Chakras: transponders (transmitter-responders)

1) I am – Telegraph, binary, RFID

2) Relationship – telephone

3) Gut, power – radio

4) Heart, codependence – TV

5) the grid, interconnectedness – Internet

6) attention, codes, encryption – Media files, security, DNA
also, deeper seeing, global perspective – Google earth

7) Divine, oneness – Pervasive computing

Evolution of technology and conciousness

One of the speakers at the recent IONS (Noetics) conference was Steven Vedro (www.srvedro.com), author of Digital Dharma (Quest Books).

His blog covers some of the content and his view of the evolution of technology reflecting the evolution of consciousness, relating it to the 7 chakras or energy centers.


It also mentions some of his talks, but not the local one:

Steve will have an Author Talk and Book Signing
Saturday, October 20, from 3 to 4:30pm
at the Ayurveda Centre, 3636 W. 4th Ave., Vancouver

“There is an electronic web … Continue Reading…

Truth and Perspective

For as long as we have had records, we have sought to discover the ultimate truth. The basic facts on which everything else is based.

Over the ages, the most commonly held fundamental truths have varied widely. Today we consider ideas of a flat earth at the center of creation laughable. Science seeks the holy grail of physics, a single theory that covers all of the known laws, Unified Field.

The only problem is, they are leaving out huge hunks of our experience, such as the simple experience of who we are. How can a theory be ultimate truth if … Continue Reading…

Clearing the heart

One of things that the recent history of eastern teachers coming to the west has left out is healing the heart. In eastern cultures, there is more community and a greater focus on relationship. In the west, there is a much stronger focus on individuality, especially in North America.

As a result, the flow of meditation and related practices to the west has created a bit of a gap for many practitioners. There is an assumption that meditation will take care of everything. And to some extent this is true.  What it leaves out though is that we live in … Continue Reading…

Ripe for Waking

Many people are very ripe for waking and waking up is now very easy. The problem for many long term on the path is that they are seeking their ideas of what enlightenment is. They are using their mind to seek what is beyond mind and these expectations are getting in the way.

Self is very simple, natural, quiet.

So sometimes, an event comes up to shake us loose. Or the perfect things is heard. Or there is a teacher/vehicle that comes along and says – there it is. But really its usually a combination of things. And then … Continue Reading…

Judith Orloff

Judith is a highly intuitive Psychiatrist I met in Vancouver about a year ago. She gave a presentation on empathy and empathics.  Recently, she has been releasing a series of short videos on YouTube.

“I’ll cover topics including intuition, dreams, transforming negative emotions, and how to tap the power within.”

Today, I’m pleased to offer “Intuitive Decision Making: The Power of Positive Intention.”