How does your money work?

Its an interesting question. And judging by the condition of many peoples – and governments – balance sheets, its a question we never really answered.

In a prior post, I mentioned Lynne Twists excellent book “The Soul of Money”. A book about real wealth and poverty and our relationship with money. It clearly illustrates how our attitudes towards the green stuff influence our sense of sufficency and happiness.

Recently, I finally completed an excellent article in a local rag on just this question.

Catherine Fitts talks about the power our money has, yet how oblivious … Continue Reading…

global conscious awareness

Recently, a group of us was asked how we envision global conscious awareness…

From my perspective, there is only one silent alertness. Much more than just global, or even Universal. It is everywhere, infusing everything. Yet is beyond any “thing”, beyond even the dream of God.

You touch on the process. It begins within, with our own discovery of our transcendental nature, beyond the mind. With experience and allowing, we become that, that which we already are. We wake up to our true nature. Wake up from the dream of separateness.

With time in that state, the silence moves out … Continue Reading…

Stages of manifestation

Recently, we discussed a video from a Chiropractic seminar,  a talk discussing the Evolution of Consciousness based on the “Concept Therapy” model. These are my thoughts on the Stages the presenter refers to.

He’s using some of the terminology a little loosely, like using etheric as spiritual and making astral mental. Although that appears to be his use of an existing model.

More precisely, there is consciousness. It is individuated (but never separated) in what is typically called soul.

This expresses locally through the causal field, what we might call the ideas level or higher mental, the intellect and imagination. … Continue Reading…

Getting past the ego

In a discussion, I was asked for the best way to get past the ego. My response:

Thats a big question. Indeed, the question of the age. But I could ask how does one become a teenager? Or an adult? It is a natural process in human development. The ego develops as a stepping stone in human development to allow the person to separate themselves from the mother, then become an adult. To become self-sufficient. Once that is achieved in normal human development, the ego ceases to be useful. Indeed, it gets in the way of our growth and happiness.

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Some good advice I was forwarded. This was not intended for wide distribution, so I will leave the source anonymous.

“There have been some questions about people coming from different places lately. There is one person who says she will “help you with your problems”. This is very nice and kind but there are no problems. Belief in problems is mind. Mind is not the Reality.

We also heard about people who were channeling ascended masters. “Who” is channeling “who” when all there is is Self flowing within itself? You are the bliss of Silence knowing itself.

Anything that increases … Continue Reading…

3 wakings

We tend to think of enlightenment as a grand awakening, where everything is illuminated and we instantly solve all our problems. However, enlightenment is part of natural human growth and development. It follows normal human growth patterns. It is a process, a series of shifts that take place, with certain key points, like puberty for example.

In a previous post, I observed how there are 3 ego values, the “3 Am-egos“. In the process from first waking to full enlightenment, we loose the 3 ego values. In a similar way, there are 3 values of mind. Individual mind, which … Continue Reading…


“…We have very often repeated that the seeker is the sought. An object is a fraction; it appears in your wholeness, in your globality. When you really come to the understanding that the seeker is the sought, there is a natural giving-up of all energy to find something. It is an instantaneous apperception. I don’t say perception, because in perception there is a perceiver and something perceived. An apperception is an instantaneous perceiving of what is perceiving. So it can never be in relation of subject-object, just as an eye can never see its own seeing. …you will find a … Continue Reading…

Zenn Car

The Zenn car, stands for Zero Emissions, No Noise. Made in Canada but only road legal in Canada in BC. But popular in the US and Europe. Here, Rick Mercer does a great overview in his usual humorous irony… [closed]

Enlightened Relationships

Enlightened Relationships, by Eckhart Tolle

From Common Ground Magazine:

“For love to flourish, the light of your presence needs to be strong enough so that you no longer get taken over by the thinker or the pain-body and mistake them for who you are. To know yourself as the Being underneath the thinker, the stillness underneath the mental noise, the love and joy underneath the pain, is freedom, salvation, enlightenment.

If you stop investing it with “selfness,” the mind loses its compulsive quality, which basically is the compulsion to judge, and so to resist what is, … Continue Reading…

Ego process

In another discussion, someone commented that they were surprised how hard it was to do what made them happy, what brought them results. How they would forget the simple things that made a difference. I explained:

Actually, if you understand the ego, then the behavior begins to make more sense. As part of the natural growing process, we need to gain a sense of separateness from our mother. As a young child, the mind creates the idea of an identity separate from other. We call this the ego. This helps us become independent and self-sufficient.

But not understanding human potential, … Continue Reading…

Ho Ho Ho

December 22 is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. The sun is at its lowest point in the sky.

For 3 days, the Sun seems to stay at this lowest point, rising below the Southern Cross constellation. Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky. On the night of December 24, it rises in the eastern sky, aligned with the 3 brightest stars in Orion’s belt. These 3 stars are known as the 3 kings. The alignment points to where the sun rises in the morning.

On Dec. 25, the sun begins to climb in the … Continue Reading…


The socionomics folks have released a 1 hour documentary on the basic fractal pattern seen in social mood and how that affects fashions, music, movies, and the stock market. And the fractal pattern is the Fibonacci series. Touches on Elliot wave and reversal of causality. That the mood precedes the market and political change, not the other way around. The pattern in nature and the triune brain.

We create our reality, together. And it is formed from the spiraling vortex of energy that follows awareness moving. That is the source of this dynamic.