I don’t believe I do

I don’t believe I do

Lamp by Simona Dumitru photo by Simona Dumitru

So which is it? Yesterday, I ran into one of those little surprises. I’ve read a little about astrophysics lately. Interesting ideas like the Electric Sun. I love good ideas, so am open to new things that may help explain our world. Yesterday, there was something new that made sense, but there was also a little reaction, a resistance. A little tape started to play that … Continue Reading…

Eckhart on Oprah 9

Eckhart on Oprah 9

Finally had a chance to watch the 9th class of Eckhart on Oprah, this one on Purpose. Here are a few notes.

There is no substitute for finding your purpose. There are 2 purposes:
Outer Purpose: about the future, your work, etc. It is secondary.
Inner Purpose: to be here, now. Same for everyone, always fully with the present moment.

Fulfillment and satisfaction are only found now. Be totally doing it, what you are doing right now. This one step, give it your best. Then the next moment comes at its best. There is always only this one … Continue Reading…


In the ways of curious coincidences, I ran into this film release, the story of a Sufi Dervish.
Bab’Aziz – The Prince Who Contemplated His Soul

“A visual poem of incomparable beauty, this masterpiece from director Nacer Khemir (Wanderers of the Desert) begins with the story of a blind dervish named Bab’Aziz and his spirited granddaughter, Ishtar. Together they wander the desert in search of a great reunion of dervishes that takes place just once every thirty years. With faith as their only guide, the two journey for days through the expansive, barren landscape. To keep Ishtar … Continue Reading…

On Stress

From a Discussion on Shilpan’s guest post. (now offline)

Hans Selye was an early researcher into stress. He defined 2 types – distress and eustress. The second of course a positive stress like falling in love. Both can have similar biological responses but one tends to be a motivator, the other a demotivator, as you observe. Stress has a tendency to trigger the fight or flight (or freeze) response which shuts down digestion and the forebrain, the place where we are more conscious and have more problem solving skills. As you observe, stress thus reduces our ability to deal with … Continue Reading…

Happiness Everlasting

When we are kids, our parents read us ‘fairy’ stories about princes and princesses, white knights in unused armor, and happiness everlasting. The stories are a bit skewed by the message that someone or something else will come along and bring us happiness. Happiness and the damsel will be ours when we ride off into the sunset or move into the castle with the automatic garage door opener. Then we grow up and discover that Santa isn’t real. But the shadows of the stories remain as we seek our prince or house with the white picket fence. Or decide it … Continue Reading…


Gratitude is a skill we’ve not been well taught in the west. Perhaps as a child, we were taught to respect our elders, to say thank you, and say grace before dinner. Thanks was a kind of conditional thing, laid on to be polite or ‘nice’ or even because it was simply demanded. We may have come to associate gratitude with subservience.

In the east, people were often raised to choose a personal god or deity that they favor for their expressions of gratitude. The greeting Namaste means ‘I bow to the divine in you’. God is everywhere. But even … Continue Reading…

Retreat Forward

Recently, Tom Stine returned from a weeks silent retreat and wrote about his experience. It reminded me of my own experiences. I’ve been on retreats as short as 2 days and as long as 6 months. (it really took longer to go deep in the ’70’s) I know some people who lived ‘on retreat’ for many years. I’ve wanted to go on more but there is the old saying about dying the cloth.

To dye a cloth the old way, one would dip the cloth in dye, then hang it in the sun to bleach out. Then redip, … Continue Reading…

The Push

The Push

Under the world of appearances, consciousness flows. The very stuff of our being moves and shifts in a kaleidoscope of possibility as awareness explores the infinite within Itself. That movement we experience as the shifting expression we call the world, as well as our shifting internal landscapes.

To see the flow, we first have to see through the illusion. Wake up to who we are, then come to discover the reality of what is. Then the flow can be literally seen, like a current and waves flowing through the apparently solid but actually alive world.

Sometimes, I used to get … Continue Reading…

The Electric Sun

Over at the For Now blog, some notes on “the electric model” as seen in the film Thunderbolts of the Gods. They don’t see the Sun, and all other stars, as an atomic furnace burning itself up and separated by great distances of empty space. They see the sun as electric, a giant anode, interconnected with other stars in a mesh of electric fields, with giant dual filaments crossing millions of light years. Black holes are not holes at all but rather confluences of electrical energy. No weirdness to explain it all – just simple and matching the … Continue Reading…

Desire vs Craving

When I was writing some notes about the recent show with Eckhart on Oprah, I realized I had not posted on this important point. How to tell when a desire arises from ego and when it arises from deeper within, from our purpose. We might say the difference between craving and desire.

Eckhart observed that it takes practice to get to know the difference and that the hallmark of egos desire is that fulfillment of the goal does not satisfy. It arises in a kind of nagging need that has no obvious value, like overeating or overspending. This … Continue Reading…

Eckhart on Oprah 8

This week was the 8th of 10 classes Oprah is doing with Eckhart Tolle on his book A New Earth. They get better each week. I made notes on a few points that struck me. They follow with some of my own comments.

“You can’t leave your mind, you can only go beyond it”. This after joking about how we would have left a person long ago who treated  us like out ego does.

An excellent discussion on overcoming addictions and addictive behaviors. Just being aware of the issue as it arises, seeing it as it is without … Continue Reading…

Queerer than we suppose

In this 22 minute presentation at the famous TED ideas conference (July ’05), Richard Dawkins gives a talk called “Queerer Than We Suppose: The strangeness of science.” He asks if the universe is queerer that we suppose, or queerer than we can suppose. He speaks about how our perspective and story is an adaptation to our experience in what he calls the “middle-sized” world. He discusses how what we consider ‘real’ is completely based on how we perceive the world, through what we have supposed. A scientists view of ‘what is really?’ with many great examples.

Continue Reading…