The Highest Reality

It’s curious to reflect on Vedanta (end of the Veda) at this juncture. The Brahma Sutra is about Unity into Brahman. The Upanishads, assemblies of key verses from the earlier Vedas, explore Self Realization through to the Brahman shift.

When you go into Brahman and beyond, you are beyond Veda itself and there is much less that can be said about it. And yet that’s where the real “source of the source” is, where the highest reality is found. The Vedas are among the oldest and most complete texts available to us. It’s a surprise to consider that most of the Vedas really don’t cover the actual source, just the source of themselves.

Many of the core texts talk of Shiva beyond Shakti, of consciousness underlying the creation of the world. That can be true right through Brahman stage.

But it turns out this is a symptom that cosmic mind has not let go. Cosmic mind or Brahma or infinite consciousness thought they were the source or creator of the world. This is much like our personal mind took credit for our life experiences prior to awakening. But now it’s time to wake up from the illusion of consciousness as the creator.

MahaShakti is one. The true source is beyond all and yet is inclusive of everything. The power and vastness is incomprehensible even to cosmic mind.

When I say “highest reality,” this is directly related to highest ability to know. As we go beyond cosmic embodiment and into pure Divinity, we know by being. But the 7-fold structure we recognize is based on how we’re structured as a knower.

Is this an “as above, so below” that reflects the structure of Divinity? Or is this the bias of the cosmic coming to know its source? Given the profundity of Divinity, how limited is our ability to know it? Our eyes see only the tiny band of visible light in the electromagnetic spectrum. Is our ability to know Divinity itself similarly limited?

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  1. Scomoji says:

    Wow. Gorgeous. Profound and inspiring. “Who” would have thought that “we” would now need to write the next phase beyond the Vedas?

    Maybe there is a reason nothing has been written?

    Beyond metaphor, beyond description. Beyond language?

    Or maybe this is the calling of this moment?

    Hey, wait a second…I know a writer who might be just the One to write this new chapter in the evolution of Nothing beyond Brahman…

  2. Jim says:

    Thank you for broaching a subject often clouded in mysticism, David. From what I can tell, the glimpses we have of the Divine are in proportion to its values expressed through us.

    In other words, any experience of Divinity is grounded in its practical nature. Any expansion of the Divine is due to practical considerations.

    It is driven by the natural need of the heart to expand, driving values of love, peace, and compassion to the point where we want to see them manifest widely, not from a lack within ourselves, but rather carrying this grand reality of Divinity forward, into our lives on Earth. A cooperation with the Divine to reach far further than is possible as an isolated individual. A solid foundation for quiet miracles.

  3. Michael says:

    Hi David!

    Really, really, reeeeeaaaalllllly like that text!!!!
    I felt a shiver washing over my body while reading……it is soooo deep and and soo unknowable what this text points to.
    thanks for sharing!!!!! 🙂

    Curious: Why do you raise these question at the end? Have you had the answers revealed to you?

    All the best

    • Davidya says:

      Hi Michael
      Nice. Well – this blog is sharing observations. I was contemplating the implications of some recent observations here and comments by Lorne. It amplified the questions raised.

      In a sense, the highest reality we can know may not be the highest reality. And perhaps it’s presumptuous to think that was even possible. 🙂

      But I have a ways to go yet, so I’m sure there’s much more to unfold.

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