How Many Hearts??

I’ve begun to lose track of how may hearts there are to open. (laughs) A few years ago, I wrote about the 4 hearts, then added one to it:

1 – the physical heart in the left chest
2 – Anahata, the heart chakra we meet on the rise of kundalini Shakti
3 – Hrit, the heart sub-chakra above the physical heart.
4 – the “high heart” or “soul thrill” sub-chakra behind the clavicle, between heart and throat.
5 – Hridaya, a higher octave of the heart chakra that opens during the later descent during God Consciousness. (sometimes also referred to as a 10th chakra)

These are discussed in more detail on the prior article and on an article about the Fleur-de-lis pattern across our chest.

There can certainly be various other kinds of heart openings as we clear crusts, release knots, and refine perception. But it turns out there are 2 other times the heart is a step in the process.

6 – during stage 1 of ParaBrahman, when Divinity rises up to the heart
7 – during stage 2 of ParaBrahman, when Divinity descends at a higher value

I don’t have names for either of these openings. But it’s been rare until recently.

Amazing how much potential our heart has. To contain our soul, unlimited love, an infinite space, and values of pure Divinity itself.

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