In the mists of ancient time, group consciousness was in a downward cycle and took a somewhat distinct fall. There was a great deal of confusion and discord as cultures collapsed. Some entities took control over many people energetically and physically. It was a short, messy time but until recently, consciousness was not high enough to clear the residual effects of that time. It has cast a shadow for centuries.

Current world events are partly about bringing those old power and control dynamics to the surface to be seen and released.

As always, the desire for power and control is an ego-driven 3rd chakra dynamic. Power leads to the ability to bring form into appearance. But used without connection to a higher good, is is simply appearance. It lacks real power and yields little of lasting value and often has unintended consequences.

Much as portrayed in the Star Wars saga, if we chase power for its own sake we fall under the influence of the “dark side.” Ego-driven desires, greed, anger and lower emotions become our controllers.

This cuts off love, wisdom, insight, peace, and growth beyond our personal limitations. We remain caught in the wheel of karma, repeating the same struggles over and over as both victim and perpetrator. As Denise Hagan sings: “I’ve worn out bodies like I’ve worn out shoes and I have no desire to waste another one…”

It’s time to let go of our past and step beyond our smallness. Then we can step into our true potency.

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