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Here and there, I’ve mentioned more to the picture than stages of development in consciousness. That enlightenment is not a goal but the platform for living and further growth.

When we understand the basics, we come to see the same pattern repeating itself in the layers of creation. For example, there is a one into three into 7 process of becoming. We have 7 primary chakras and there are 7 primary layers to creation, for example.

While it depends a little on how you count the colours in a rainbow, the principle holds.

We also see this in the stages of development:

7 stages of Personal Development  
(Age) Alexander model / Piaget model
(0-2) Body & Senses / Sensori-Motor
(2-7) Desires & Emotions / Pre-Operations
(7-11) Mind / Concrete Operations
(11-18) Intellect / Formal Operations
(18-25) Feelings & Intuition  / Post-Formal Ops
(25+) Ego (adult)  [Myness]
 ?  Universal   [Amness > Isness]

7 stages in the Development of Consciousness
1 – Self Realization or Cosmic Consciousness
1a – Refined or God Consciousness
2 – Unity Consciousness, Oneness or Non-duality
2a – Refined Unity and God Realization
3 – Brahman or Beyond Consciousness
3a – Refined Brahman
3b – Parabrahman

What now becomes apparent is there is 7 stages in an unfolding of Pure Divinity (ParaBrahman).
This is a preliminary outline that will be subject to revision. Keep in mind this is beyond the dynamics of consciousness so is not “experienced” the way we may be familiar with. This is also well beyond our first contact with the divine.
1 – pure divinity first known
2 – divine shaktis, sutras or threads
3 – divine power
4 – divine love
5 – divine causality
6 – divine knowledge
7 – divine divinity

I’m sure I’ll have much more to say on the subject over time. We’ll see how this refines.

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5 Responses to More on Further Stages

  1. michael says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that is sooo exciting!!!

    looking forward what you have to say about the 7 stages of parabrahman.
    ……do you have already some words to talk about “divine divinity”?

    • Davidya says:

      (laughs) well – given that people are already confusing the words about basic ParaBrahman with other stages, I will be curious to see what can be said.

      And no – the list came more as instruction than experience and remains to unfold further on various fronts.

  2. michael says:

    Has some deeper knowledge revealed itself about the cells of the body awakening to their own divinity etc. since the last “further stages” article?

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