10 Spiritually Transmitted Diseases

A friend sent me a link to this article by Mariana Caplan and I thought it worth sharing. I met Mariana last fall during the Sophia panel. One of the variations we spoke about (off-camera) that might fit into several on the list is the use of drugs for “spiritual experiences.” Such approaches go by many euphemisms like “medicine journey” but they are high-risk ventures, especially when done in remote areas of other countries. I know several people who’s lives where royally messed up by such a trip.

A key aspect of depth and integration is clearing the subtle bodies of energetic debris. Intense, distorted experiences and violent physical reactions are the antithesis of this.

Recently Rose Rosetree has done a series on the energetic effects such drugs have had on several “shamans.” Nasty astral entanglement and a very messed up energy body? There’s nothing spiritual about it.

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  1. zen pig says:

    hmmmmmmm. thanks Davidya, but I think this is more of a social context then just stating that medicine plants have no value.

    after all, shamanic healing and medicine plants have been active for thousands and thousands of years.

    in our western culture, we are not after knowledge of our self, but mostly we are after a “good feeling”. we might get a glimpse, or an “ah-ha” moment, and we want to wring everything out of it, so we can “get something for us”.

    the same kind of negative effects can be seen in too much meditation, if done to soon, or not with the correct understanding.

    I do see your point that this can be very dangerous, and I know of at least two folks who had very negative experiences. I have thought of doing this myself in the past, but it just did not feel right. did not miss anything. might have taken me many more years of meditation, but sooner or later we see what we need to see. cheers

    • Davidya says:

      Hi ZP
      Didn’t say no value – I said dangerous and the value is not in the context it’s being given in. Drug tourism is not spiritual and while they may had some trappings of “tradition”, most of the “shamans” are entrepreneurs, not religious leaders. The religeous leaders have spoken against this.

      Another example of this – there are hundreds of wandering sadhus in the Himalayas who spend their time stoned on pot. They claim it is “traditional” but the Vedas warn against such things.

      I can also note that you have it backwards. It will take many more years of meditation to recover from such. I’ve seen this with a number of people.

      Finally, I would note that the use of the term “medicine” in this context is entirely marketing. There is nothing medical about it. The makers are mixing chemistry for a style of drug high, just like a drug lab down the street. This is nothing to do with traditional.

  2. Jim says:

    Good point – It is like using a nuclear bomb to push in a thumbtack. It makes sense in a materialistic society that even enlightenment can be purchased and ingested, but it doesn’t work that way, and never has. Drugs can be useful to treat a whole host of conditions, but ignorance is not one of them.

  3. Thanks for spreading the word along with me, Davidya.

    If I might mention… regarding that little series of four articles you mentioned in your main post, my fave is the one written by a fellow nerd. (Like you and me, Davidya, and maybe some of your readers here, like that witty Jim.)

    Sam researched before-and-after, in some detail, about the aura of a woman who has been involved in ayahuasca-tinged spiritual seeking.

    Maybe worth a look, and worth sharing if any of your friends are considering this sort of “tourism.”
    I recently posted…Ayahuasca & Chelsea, Before-and-After Aura Reading. A Guest Post by SAMMy Profile

  4. Davidya says:

    To be fair, I have known people who where messed up by meditating too much. But this ungroundedness was easily corrected. If a person became cultish about their relationship with the group or practice, then some psychological healing may have been necessary. Even the best can become a problem without moderation.

    However – by comparison, I’ve know several who’s lives where royally messed up by a drug trip. Recovery was much more involved. In one case, there was no real recovery. And everyone I’ve known with a drug history took much longer to get clear.

    The key detail to understand with any approach – where is it designed to take you? A truly spiritual practice will bring you to pure being, pure consciousness.

    Chasing experiences will just bring experiences. It will not bring liberation.

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