2 Responses to Sophia, Part 2

  1. Jose says:

    It was SO refreshing to hear Francis Bennet about “being a person, too” and “incarnation”. Reminded of the “Incarnational Spirituality” by David Spangler (who underwent early spiritual experiences when 9 years old, I think.
    Pondering about the over-use of “refinement” in some spiritual circles…and how little is used “maturation”: a whole other direction/vector…

    “In this Yoga, the goal is not to lose oneself in the Divine Consciousness.
    The goal is to let the Divine Consciousness penetrate into Matter and transform it.”
    – Sri Aurobindo

  2. Davidya says:

    Hi Jose
    Yes, I quite enjoyed how real the discussion was, wanting to dispel some of the nonsense that dominates some forums. Francis is a great guy.

    Actually, I would argue that refinement and embodiment are 2 sides of maturation. The feminine and masculine. I fully agree though that chasing some idealistic refinement without grounding is not healthy, much as transcendent escapism is an issue.

    When “Divine Consciousness” penetrates into matter, it refines all the layers that support that. Otherwise they couldn’t sustain that power in this coarseness. This is why it’s part of the maturation.

    Sri Aurobino was a very wise sage.

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