What is Parabrahman?

In a recent correspondence, a question came up about Parabrahman, something I briefly mentioned at the bottom of The Stages chart.

The term Brahman is used to mean several things. Some refer to the experience of presence or inner silence as Brahman. But actually, this is more Atman, pure consciousness or pure being, the cosmic Self aka self-aware consciousness. Brahman is beyond being and consciousness. Atman can be said to be Brahman but arises out of it (in a late Unity perspective). Thus, Brahman “is” prior to or “beyond” Atman. With the Brahman shift in stages, we transcend Atman much as we went beyond the small me in a prior shift.

At first, Brahman is recognized primarily by what it’s not. Not Consciousness, not being, not Atman, and very distinct from Unity Consciousness. This is somewhat akin to the neti neti or no-self experience that can arise with the first awakening but on a broader scale.

Over time, the actuality of Brahman becomes clear. That which is beyond the subtle duality of being and non-being.

With further time, there is a process we could call Refined Brahman. This leads to a much greater wholeness of Brahman being recognized. This becomes Parabrahman where Para means beyond or prior to. But in this case, the reference is not to something before Brahman but rather before anything.

This is beyond God in any form but can be said to be the essence of God. In a way, we could say Brahman is transcending God, then Parabrahman is when we discover the essence of the divine in and as Brahman. As Lorne Hoff describes it, pure holiness even in non-self nothingness. The swelling that arises as the first impulse of awareness. We could say this is what gives Brahman its quality as The Knower.

Brahman is beyond consciousness so there are no longer “states of consciousness” or higher values of awareness. It is beyond that. Supreme reality is a better phrasing.

Few talk about it because few live it yet. And those that do say little because there is little to be said that we can relate to. I also don’t write about it much because this aspect is still unfolding here. It has been recognized but there is more to come.

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4 Responses to What is Parabrahman?

  1. Michael Jaksch says:

    Hi David!

    Thanks for sharing…..
    Brahman only makes sense if it has been experienced at least once. If one has never “left” consciousness it is “hard to imagine”.
    …..though i think it is good that there is at least a little talk about it so we have heard that there is more.

    much love

  2. Davidya says:

    Hi Michael
    Yes, if one has never been beyond existence or consciousness it makes little sense. And on that level, it’s not so much about experience as recognition. Being beyond consciousness, it’s beyond the dynamics of experience.

    And yet paradoxically, it can be known.

    Thanks for the comment.
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  3. Christopher says:

    By ascending to sahaja samadhi parabrahman is eternally realized. All that can be said about it is that it exists and it is what it is. Upon perceiving it with the pure mind, or pure atman a man transcends death and gains his innate immortality, which is only satchidananda, the unending bliss of God.

    • Davidya says:

      Hi Christopher
      Sorry but you’re using the term in a much more base way than I am and do not appear to have read the article.

      It is well beyond Self Realization and it’s embodied value, sat chit ananda.

      Samadhi is in consciousness. Consciousness is beyond mind. Brahman is beyond consciousness and Atman and existence. It is beyond perceiving so it’s nonsense to suggest Parabrahman can be perceived with a pure mind.

      Parabrahman, by it’s very name is beyond Brahman. It is pure divinity, well beyond any such notions. It cannot by known even by Brahman. But it is fully known by itself.

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