Physics and Consciousness

Physics and Consciousness

I always enjoy seeing alignment between what I’ve seen in the dynamics of consciousness and in physics. I’ve mentioned physicist Nassim Haramein a few times here and on my other blog. He’s what you might call an experientially-driven scientist much as R. Buckminster Fuller was. Seeking the math to describe what they see.

Back on Foundations, I described fine vibrations structuring geometry in self-aware consciousness which flows on that pattern and becomes fields and then form. Here is an illustration of the stages. And they have the math to back it up that is better at predicting the nature of protons than the standard model.

3 forms
And this image of a Neutron Star beautifully exemplifies what a bubble of self-aware consciousness looks like, writ large in space. Same dynamics on the human scale. Same at the subatomic scale. Make the inner surface lively (ananda) and stick the images above inside this and you have a sense of the layers that exist around every object. Otherwise known as the koshas.

Neutron Star 2004
I illustrated how this “bubble” forms on Awareness Becomes Self-Aware

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