Auric Modelling

Also in the discussion thread of Skills vs Consciousness is the term Auric Modelling. I didn’t understand why Rose Rosetree was using “modelling” as the term for how the aura is perceived or felt. But as she described, what we present energetically via the aura is what others read sub-consciously. What do we present to others? Is our façade congruent with our energy? Are we really fooling anyone?

Well – we can.

The trick is, some people can use energy to mask energy. As many do offer inconsistent signals, we naturally favour the strongest impressions we pick up when we “read” someone. Thus an angry and manipulative person may have learned (consciously or not) how to mask that with charming energy. An energetic mask.

It’s actually not so hard to hide darkness with light.

We all “read” other people at least subconsciously. We might call it getting a feel for them or reading their vibes or having an intuition or impression of them. It’s automatic. We will typically have a sense of someone before we know their name.

I’m sure we’ve all had the experience of meeting someone we immediately adored, only to realize soon afterwards that they charm everyone much the same. It wasn’t personal.

If we learn better energetic literacy skills, then we can learn to read people both more consciously and with more discrimination. Being able to separate out the signals allows us to recognize the parts – the charm but also the anger. With what Rose calls Stage 3 energetic literacy, we’d even get a good sense of the drive behind the anger, the “Stuff” that motivates it.

I can also note that it will depend on what chakra the charm is expressing from. Many actors, for example, use sexual charm. They can turn it off and on like a radio. Or maybe broadcast antenna would be a better analogy.

Less commonly, I’ve seen people broadcast a kind of love or spiritual charm. That is usually honest development but occasionally that can be caught by ego’s needs and be used to attract and manipulate people. The trick is, they may or may not even recognize they’re doing this. This is why the old saying that you know people by their results. I’ve seen the occasional spiritual teacher who leaves a wake of dissonance and disaster behind them.

We all have some baggage, things we’re working through. We’re naturally charmed if someone offers something we resonate with. We’re caught by it if it’s something we need or seek. (again often subconsciously)

Bringing this back to the subject, Rose offers a salient quote:
Spirituality is caught, not taught.

This really highlights why she calls it auric modelling. This is another way of saying darshan. The auric modelling of enlightenment. If we’ve cleared enough baggage, we become a live, resonant example of what it is to embody enlightenment.

And that is what has been missing most in the world. Common living examples that people can resonate with. They are what most make the awakening shift possible. Self can wake up to Itself through this apparent form more easily  when it recognizes what that is directly.

Rose goes on to say “You really could consider auric modelling the purpose of your life.” Living a good example of what it means to be free, boundless and happy. Not just enlightenment, but fully embodying it.

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  1. Davidya says:

    In a more recent article, Rose gives an example of a very famous guru who has fallen into the trap of fame-seeking and manipulating charm to get more.

    Some of the red flags on his web site bio – no mention of his teachers and a claim to have invented his techniques.
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  2. Davidya says:

    Also in a later discussion, Rose expressed that charm is not present in higher chakras – she’d call it something else. But presence certainly is. We’ve all had experiences of people who just exuded love or peace.
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  3. What fun, Davidya! A friend made a joke on Facebook to google auric modeling. When I did, I found this post from you — one I hadn’t seen before.

    Thank you so much for using the concept of auric modeling to inspire your seekers of Enlightenment.

    I was especially struck by this part: “Less commonly, I’ve seen people broadcast a kind of love or spiritual charm. That is usually honest development but occasionally that can be caught by ego’s needs and be used to attract and manipulate people. The trick is, they may or may not even recognize they’re doing this.”

  4. You’ve given a hint here of the sort of nuance that anyone can have with Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. Whether you’re researching chakra databanks in person or from a regular photograph, all the info you seek is there for understanding what is going on.

    Honestly experienced love? Versus aiming to manipulate people?

    Easy-peasy to discern. And even without reading auras, other people DO register the impact deeply, I believe.

    • Davidya says:

      Hi Rose
      It was an interesting explore at the time, to recognize on another level to how we broadcast who we are. Most people are rather unaware of these dynamics even though they influence us all the time. As mentioned in the article, we even have language for the “sense” of it.

      Making it conscious can make a big difference. And then the distinctions are much more obvious. “Easy-peasy”, as you mention.

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