When I first started this blog about a year and a half (and over 350 posts) ago, one of the first contacts I made with a fellow blogger was with MusEditions. We’ve had some great conversations since and now he’s given me an award!

“The Eye Spy an Excellent Blog award goes to people β€œto let them know how much their words have touched you and made a difference in your life.””


He went on to say “Although I don’t comment as much as I might, because he is just so prolific in bringing us wisdom from many traditions, and concepts to ponder, and his unique take on worldwide teachings, I do read everything he writes, and Davidya has indeed touched me and made a difference in my life!

Wow – thanks for that! Always nice to know I’m not talking to myself. (laughs)

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  1. museditions says:

    I am, as always, pleased to be your friend and reader, Davidya. Your name sprung immediately to mind when I reviewed the purpose of this particular award. I think there are many who benefit from what you have to say!

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