Understanding Unity

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When people speak of Unity and Oneness, we will naturally try to compare this conceptually with our experience. Perhaps a sense of togetherness with a mate, feeling part of a community, or an internal sense of integrity.

But the Unity of consciousness people speak of is much more than this. The best the mind can relate to is a “unity of diversity”, a sense of unity underlying the varieties of the world.

Unity is much deeper than that. And getting there usually takes a number of steps, a process. What is does not change but how we perceive it goes through a series of shifts. I’ve outlines that in places like States of Consciousness and in The Journey series.

As we shift from experiencing the Self within to being That, we come to an internal unity, a unity of self. The observer remains separate from all expression though, so a duality remains in experience.

As the perception deepens, we come to see the movement within all things, all expression is seen as the expression of One. Thus unity of form dawns.

And finally, full Unity Consciousness dawns when the inner Self and outer One are seen to be the same. They come together in a series of openings. Most of us perceive through the senses. But when the senses are absorbed by Self, we perceive from the heart.

This unity cannot be grasped by the mind. But it is completely inclusive. There is nothing not brought together. Diversity is seen as an illusion, an apparent covering of the One, moving within Itself.

Creative Commons Photo by Joel Bedford

To get a sense of this, consider that we usually live in a world of differences. Everything seems unique. In Unity, there is no differences. The variety of the world is just a superficial sheen over the movement of the One within itself. There is no “inside” and “outside”, no separate “person”. Sky, shirt, table, car – all are seen to be the same thing. Not similar. Not thought to be the same. Experienced to be the same.

From physics, we know that all form is simply virtual fluctuations in the void. This is seen directly during the awakening process.  Of course, words fail. English was never developed to cover such territory.

Often, people will read teachers descriptions and mix up their concepts by being unclear on this process. But once you have a broad sense of it, you can place any experience or description within this continuum. Simply keep in mind that it’s a 2 stage process. There is a series of experiences. Then there is the opening and becoming where we switch from experiencing to being.

For most of us, what’s next is self-realization, not Oneness. In self-realization, there is an internal oneness so we can begin to get a sense of it. But it’s always more than the mind might expect. Remember that we live in a dream. Waking is simply waking from a series of dreams, of the individual, of the universe, of God.

How can you possible understand waking from the dream of God if you are still seeing yourself as a person, separate? Perhaps still seeing God as a concept or even debating what the word means. Don’t try to understand it. Learn instead to allow what is. That is the door to Oneness.

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